101 things in 2002 days

**I decided to move this list from it’s own blog over here so I can remember to actually do the things on my list!

Items completed: 29

Items left to go: 72

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I have decided to make this 101 things in 2002 days because, let’s face it, just under 3 years is probably not enough time for me to get all of this glorious stuff done. Especially all of the vacations on this list! So by adding an additional 1001 days, I will effectively double my deadline time and while it does make the title slightly more lame, I think the project will suffer if left at the original 1001. Keep those fingers crossed that my tendency toward procrastination will not prevail and that I can actually complete this project! I’m going to take as many pictures of these things as humanly possible so check back for the updates!

Start date: September 23, 2009

Completion date: March, 18, 2015

1. *Go on a cruise

2. *Run a 5K (completed: 9/19/2010)

3. *Send a thank-you letter to a mentor

4. *Take a cooking class (completed: 10/3/2012)

5. *Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru line

6. Grow a garden (completed: Spring/Summer/Fall 2010)

7. Send 15 “Thinking of you” cards (3/15)

8. Pamper myself with a day at the spa

9. *Get a pedicure with my husband (completed: 2/27/2010)

10. Go to a professional sporting event

11. Buy someone flowers

12. *Make a nice dinner for my parents

13. *Make a nice dinner for my in-laws (Completed: 12/4/2010)

14. Make a nice dinner for my husband (Completed: 4/24/2010)

15. Go on a picnic

16. Visit a zoo

17. *Go to a drive-in movie

18. Go to a museum (completed: 6/20/2011)

19. See a play

20. *Go to a comedy club

21.* Hang a photograph that I took on the wall

22. Watch a sunrise

23. Go to a casino

24. Go to an amusement park (completed: 6/21/2011)

25. *Get my wedding dress cleaned & properly stored

26. Read 100 books that aren’t about parenting (17/100)

  • Twilight (Stephenie Meyer)
  • New Moon (Stephenie Meyer)
  • Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)
  • Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer)
  • House Rules (Jodi Picoult)
  • “A” is for Alibi (Sue Grafton)
  • Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (Ree Drummond)
  • Uncharted TerriTORI (Tori Spelling)
  • Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (J.K. Rowling)
  • Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (J.K. Rowling)
  • The Heart of the Matter (Emily Giffin)
  • Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (J.K. Rowling)
  • Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (J.K. Rowling)
  • “B” is for Burglar (Sue Grafton)
  • “C” is for Corpse (Sue Grafton)
  • Fifty Shades of Grey (E.L. James)
  • Fifty Shades Darker (E. L. James)

27. *Attend a food festival

28. Buy a new bathing suit (completed: 6/12/2011)

29. *Take a photography class

30. Go fishing with my husband

31. Buy a new house

32. Buy a new kitchen table

33. *Buy new master bedroom furniture

34. *Make an apple pie

35. Keep the television off for 1 day

36. Stay off the internet for 1 day (completed: 1/21/2010)

37. *Throw a margarita party

38. Buy a really cute apron (Completed: 5/2/2010)

39. Read a classic novel

40. *Take a last minute weekend trip

41. Try a new fruit or vegetable (completed: 2/15/2010)

42. *Bring breakfast into work (completed: 10/5/2009)

43. Send someone a postcard (completed: 6/22/2011)

44. Watch a classic movie

45. Order room service (completed: 6/21/2011)

46. Go to a music concert (completed: 4/14/2010)

47. Host a slumber party for my girlfriends

48. *Visit Canada

49. *Pay off a credit card

50. *Rent a limo for a special night out

51. *Take a vacation and leave the kids with their grandparents (completed: 5/20-22/2011)

52. *Organize a brunch

53. *Spend a night at a bed & breakfast (completed: 5/1/2010)

54. *Go to a book signing

55. Make Greg breakfast in bed (completed: 4/20/2010)

56. *Learn to tie a tie

57. *Go to a winery for a wine tasting (completed 5/1/2010)

58. *Draft a living will

59. *Have a baby and find out the gender in an original way

60. *Attend a music festival

61. Go horseback riding

62. *Watch the Godfather trilogy in a weekend

63. *Do 100 sit ups in a row

64. Don’t eat out for two weeks

65. *Randomly open a cookbook and make that dish

66. Have a professional family photo shoot

67. *Have Brock donate food, clothes, or toys to a needy family

68. *Make each of the kids a scrapbook that they can keep from when they were babies.

69. *Buy a little black dress

70. *Buy a designer handbag

71. *Teach Brock how to ride a bike

72.* Learn how to make a new cocktail

73. *Have a candlelit dinner at home (Completed: 9/18/2010)

74.* Walk barefoot along the beach

75. *Dress in coordinated Halloween costumes (Completed: October 31, 2010)

76.* Help my husband build a piece of furniture (planned: spring/summer 2011)

77. *Eat alligator (completed: 3/24/2010)

78. *Go to the nation’s capitol

79. Go to the Renaissance Festival (Tentatively planned: Fall 2013)

80. *Go to the Grand Canyon

81. *Go on a dinner/booze cruise (completed: 6/20/2011)

82. *Take a train

83. *Go skiing

84. Go on a float trip

85. Go hunting with Greg

86. *Change a tire

87. *Throw somebody a surprise party (completed: 5/22/2011)

88. *Do something spontaneous

89. *Get someone to stop smoking

90. *Encourage someone to start a 101 things in 1001 days list (completed: 9/24/2009)

91. *Trace family geneology and find somebody famous/important that I’m related to. (completed: 9/24/2009)

92. Eat at a new restaurant (completed: 10/16/2009)

93. * Write at least 3 chapters in my book

94.* Tour a brewery

95. *Catch fireflies with the kids

96. *Lay out at night and count the stars

97. *Make a cheesecake from scratch (completed: 10/17/2009)

98. *Go parasailing

99. *Buy cute shoes that match my little black dress (completed: 8/14/2010)

100. *Go scuba diving

101. *Take the kids to a pumpkin patch & let them pick out their own pumpkin to bring home. (Completed: October 9, 2010)

* Things I have never done

Things that are in progress


4 thoughts on “101 things in 2002 days

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  3. I love this idea!!! don’t be surprised if I steal it 😉 and…I’m impressed at how many of these things you have crossed off with being a busy wife/mommy/nurse. You go girl 🙂

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