Whoever said taking candy from a baby was “easy” was full of shit

Tomorrow is the day that we are taking Adrianna to get tubes placed in her ears.  I’m definitely relieved that there is a tremendous chance that this will fix all of the problems she has been having lately.  But I’m also just slightly anxious about my baby girl having surgery.  Minor, yes but surgery nonetheless.  She will be out for a total of maybe 10 minutes (I think this is what the doctor explained to me) and we will be allowed in the recovery area just as soon as she wakes up from anesthesia.

Another thing that I’m scared about is my safety.  Her surgery is scheduled for noon.  At first, he told me that he wanted me to cut off eating and drinking at midnight.  That’s 12 hours.  Twelve.  I’ve yet to see my baby girl sleep through the night–save a handful of times–without requiring some kind of snackage.  Then he said that as long as it was 6 hours prior to her surgery, he was fine with it.  So that means I have to try to convince my very hungry baby girl that she cannot eat or drink anything after 6am on Wednesday.  Pray for me.  And my fingers.  Her tiny little teeth are extremely sharp and I think, if she were desperate enough, she could slice through my flesh with little to no effort.

Edit: After I spoke with the nurse this morning, she told me that Adrianna is not allowed to have formula after 6:45 in the morning but can have juice or water until 8:45.  So my fingers may live to see another day.  Maybe.


7 thoughts on “Whoever said taking candy from a baby was “easy” was full of shit

  1. I feel more sorry for Greg since he can’t deny her anything!! Oh well, a little suffering and all will be better. Think positively. If you need anything, I will be in COMO so call me on the cell. Might want to keep her up really late tonight and stuff her full of good stuff.
    Love and prayers for you all
    Nan and Papa

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