Update on Adrianna after surgery

We all survived the surgery and our little princess is doing just fine.  The surgery itself lasted about 10 minutes and the doctor was back in our room talking to us in no time at all.  When they brought Adrianna to us, she was crying (of course) because she was hungry and still disoriented from anesthesia.  Poor little thing was so “drunk” that she couldn’t even manage to get her beloved Cheerios in her mouth! 

We had a wonderful experience from start to finish and I actually knew all of the nurses that were taking care of her from either going to nursing school or working with them previously.  It was nice to know that she was in such capable & caring hands.  Adrianna did her usual wake-up at 2 am routine, but she went right back to sleep and I have a plan to get her to start sleeping through the night now that we are all done with the surgery.  Thank you so much to everybody that was thinking about us and praying for us–it means so much to our family!


As I cradle you in my arms

and watch your every breath,

tears run down my cheek.

You are the center of my world,

my precious little girl,

so innocent and meek.

-Wendy Silva

My mom gave me this poem right after Adrianna was born and I usually carry it around in my car with me so I can read it most days.  (I would have one for Brock but I can’t find one that I like as much so don’t think I’m playing favorites here.  I’m just picky.)  I felt that it was especially true and comforting yesterday.  Again, thank you to everybody that kept us in your thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “Update on Adrianna after surgery

  1. So I guess that means I have to be on a mission to find one for little boys. I will start looking immediately. Probably something about a swake right??
    Hopefully she will start sleeping through the night and gets feeling better and back to her usual happy self.
    Nan and Papa

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