What the hell, people?

This shout out goes out to the person that chose “baby powder” as the overpowering fragrance for the ladies room at work.  First, no baby powder that I’ve ever smelled, smells quite that strong.  Second, when the lady that uses the restroom just before me takes a huge poo, the “baby powder” scent makes the restroom smell like a turd wearing a tutu just pirouetted all over the place.  Please consider changes fragrances. 

Thanks in advance,



2 thoughts on “What the hell, people?

  1. Better than the pine scent we used to use at work. Talk about gross. A pine scented turd only keeps the smell there longer and makes you think someone took a poop in the outdoors and brought it inside.
    Light a candle for goodness sakes, takes the smell out so much faster!

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