I’m pretty sure my husband is a spy. Exhibit A: A rogue banana peel

Last week, I got to our therapy session a few minutes early and decided that I was going to eat my snack (a banana) in the parking lot.  I just happened to park next to my husband’s truck and after I was done, I thought I would be sneaky and drop the peel under one of his tires.  Not because I thought it would play out like “O’Doyle Rules!” ala Billy Madison.

If you haven’t seen that movie, you should. 

It is awesome. 

It was back when Adam Sandler was funny–way before Punch Drunk Love

Ah, the good ol days.  *sigh*

I threw the peel under his truck because, I don’t know, I’m random and my imagination runs wild and I thought if anybody was going down for littering, he would hold up much better in jail than me. 

Don’t judge me.

Also?  It’s a banana peel, people!  A bird can use it in their nest or whatever.  Anyway, I don’t think it’s technically littering because it was food not trash, but go ahead.  Call the police. 


I’m sorry. 

Please don’t call 5-0.  I really don’t think I would do well in jail.  I talk a big game, but I am weak!

Wait, what?  Oh yeah, the banana peel.  I swear, I threw the damn thing under his truck tire.  I was sure there was no way he would see it.  By the time we had gotten out of our session, I had completely forgotten about the thing.  We are getting in our respective vehicles when he gets a funny look.  I am trying to figure out what is going on and he starts laughing.  I’m all, “What is so damn funny?” 

And he says, “Some weirdo threw a banana peel under my tire!”

And I blush.

And he laughs harder.  Only because at first, he didn’t know it was me.

I’m either a horrible banana peel hider, or he is a really good detective.  I’m thinking of making this a weekly installment.  Proof that Greg either did or does currently work for the CIA.


2 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure my husband is a spy. Exhibit A: A rogue banana peel

  1. I am voting that he does and that is why he makes trips to KC! Of course, you are much like your mother and a terrible liar too! That might have helped his investigative nature somewhat. Birds don’t usually use banana peels for their nests, they eat them as well as other animals so you need to say you were nourishing the Earth or something catchy like that not, that you were trashing the parking lot.
    Mom and Dad

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