Weight loss Thursday: Week 3

Okay, okay.  I didn’t do so well this week.  I actually *gasp* gained a pound.  But, hold on!  It wasn’t my fault!


Flimsy Excuse #1:  This weekend was a cooking frenzy (banana bread, poppy seed bread, strawberry pies, cookies, apple crisp, berries & sweet cream sauce, etc.) and of course I had to sample my goodies.  My great-grandma used to always say, “Never trust a cook that won’t eat what comes out of her kitchen.”  So, obviously I want people to trust me.  Plus?  I’m a helluva baker so I had to sample it.

Flimsy Excuse #2: We had friends over for pizza and a movie on Tuesday.  I told my friend that I had made apple crisp and had even bought french vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce to pour over the top.  Her response?  “Ewwwwww!  Only old people eat apple crisp.”  

Get out. 

Just get out of my house right now.  Keep in mind that she fully admits to only eating chicken tenders (she actually called them tenders, people!) at restaurants until about a year ago.  Maybe she equates old with grown up.  But because I’m such an awesome hostess, I made her peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss in the middle per her request.  Yeah, I’m a badass & that’s how I roll.  I can’t have people coming over to my house and having treats that don’t appeal to their whiney tastebuds.  It didn’t help my diet that I ate three of said cookies.  Or that I drank a soda.  Or that I ate 2 pieces of Supreme (yes mom.  You read that correctly.  I ate pizza with veggies on it) regular crust pizza.

Flimsy Excuse #3:  If you are a loyal blog stalker follower *ahem* Jayna Newbold *ahem* you know that my mom’s 49th birthday was yesterday!  If you know my family at all (most of you don’t–that’s cool.  But I will tell you, you are missing out because we are a really good time.) you know that we celebrate our birthday’s by going out to lunch/dinner.  Soooooo, we went out to TGIFriday’s last night and I was going to order a salad but good Lord.  Anymore, the salads in restaurants have more calories than a regular meal.  So I ordered a grilled chicken (with fried shrimp) meal. 

And fried green beans as an appetizer. 

But before you starting clucking your tongue at me, I exhibited quite a bit of restraint.  I ate less than half of my green beans.  I did eat all of my grilled chicken breast.  I only ate 3 of the 6 shrimp (and lovingly gave Greg the other 3).  Adrianna got about 3/4 of my mashed potatoes and between Brock & Greg I only managed to get about 2 bites of my baked beans.  Please note that everybody at the table had their own food.  For some reason, my sweet children and husband decided that mine looked much better.  And?  And????  When my husband and my mother both ordered the delectable vanilla bean cheesecake, did I have any?  Nope.  Not even one little delicious vanilla sliver.  Sigh.

I will do better next week.  ::holds up two fingers::  Scout’s honor.

At least I don’t look like this guy:

You may now be excused to dump bleach into your eyeballs in an attempt to remove that disgusting image from your brain.


10 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday: Week 3

  1. We all mess up no one is perfect. Just try better today. LOVE reading your blog always bring a smile to my face. Thanks!

  2. It’s ok, Tara. If you don’t allow yourself a few treats you’ll eventually cave and have an all out junk fest/ sweet fest. I live in the house with 3 men who can eat whatever they want and still lose weight. Somedays it just makes you wanna stab them in their sleep with an ice pick. No, I don’t harbor any hostility over that……really. LOL.

    • Oh I totally get a mad case of “the stabbies” when Greg is all, “Huh. That’s weird. I lost 4 pounds today. I wasn’t even trying.” And them I’m all, “Shut up, asshole”. Then he looks at me like I just killed his dog and he doesn’t understand why I can’t be happy for him. He doesn’t understand me at all 😉

  3. Yes we are awesome and have a great time! The cheesecake was great and you showed restraint by not eating any not even a nibble. I am proud of you for eating all your veggies. If you make homemade pizza, the veggies are the best part . Keep at it and it will all work out. I am going to start walking again this week since I am feeling better!

    • The small child/teenager in me is screaming out to not say this, but here goes: the veggies weren’t all that bad. I even ate *gasp* mushrooms. Gahhhhh! What is this world coming to? I suppose it was a little better for me than the bacon pizza that Greg was devouring. It will be fun when the garden starts producing veggies and we can make homemade veggie pizza! Glad that we could spend a little bit of your day with you yesterday!

  4. Ok I have two things to say….

    1. LOVE the shout out to my mom haha cracked me up!!

    2. This one is inspired by my mom and goes along with the first flimsy excuse. She would always test taste things to make sure it wasn’t poisonous! So I’d go to school pull out my sandwich and there’s a big bite in it. ha! So now you have a new excuse 😀

  5. Ha! Ha! Haaaaa! LOL. This is, by far, my favorite post of yours, Tara! Not only b/c you’re keeping your promise as my #1 stalker but I’m SO feelin’ the love surrounding diet (a torture tactic used in medieval times) and cooking HATER. But let me just say that the pizza didn’t count b/c it had veggies on it. AND! That photo you so lovingly display at the end? Well, I consider that to be your gift to the rest of us as we print it out and post it on our “Frazerees” (Calendi’s word for refrigerator when she was a sprout). Best post ever!

    • Well, ya know. I gotta do something to get you jokers to post on my blog! And, you’re welcome for the picture of the fat man. Whatever it takes to make you smile, baby!

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