Fun in the (kiddie) pool

On Sunday while the kids were napping, Greg and I set up their kiddie pool.  I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be warm enough by the time they woke up.  Then I remembered how I began to sweat by 8:30 that morning and realized that they would probably be okay.

As always, I am going to force you to look at pictures of my little cuties!  Yay for you!

Testing the water . . .

Look at our little hula girl! She was more interested in eating the grass skirt at first!

Splish splash!

Such a little ham!

"This is what you do, son"

Sissy wants to get in Brock's "fwoatie" with him

Look out, Sissy!

She LOVES to splash!

Brock got brave and attempted the slide on his belly

"Hi mom!"

Time to get out!


Obviously we lathered them up with sunscreen before we went outside and once during because we were out for almost an hour.  But they had so much fun!  And now that Adrianna is big enough to play with Brock, he enjoys things like this so much more as well.  It is really amazing to watch they grow up & play together!


8 thoughts on “Fun in the (kiddie) pool

  1. Can Nan come over and sit in the pool with them? She is melting in the heat today. Hope they can play for a while tonight.
    Last night they were Eskimo kissing and laughing. Too funny. They love to play together and it is so cute.
    Nan and Papa Jimbo

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