Weight loss Thursday: Week 5

Such good things this week in regards to Weight-loss Thursday!  As of this morning, I am down another 1.6 pounds which brings my grand total to a total of 7.9 pounds down!  Hooray!  I really really thought I was going to completely derail myself this weekend for a couple of reasons.

1) It was our family reunion this weekend and I have some pretty amazing cooks in my family.  We had pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, chips, cole slaw, fresh fruit & veggies, and tons and tons of desserts.  Cakes!  Cookies!  Jello salad with whipped cream!  Everything you hate to see when you are trying to lose weight!  Luckily, my demonic angelic children had my back because they were so busy being totally effing insane awesome that I barely had time to eat anything while we were there!  So, yay for starvation!  I mean, I ate.  But by the time I ate my fruit & a few cubes of cheese, it was time to re-join the three-ring circus.  But you know, I’m totally okay with it because if it weren’t for my kids, I would have eaten everything and most likely definitely gone back for seconds.  And possibly thirds.  I didn’t even eat any cake, y’all.  And I love love love cake.  I am completely serious when I say the only reason that I’ve been to a couple of weddings is because I was promised cake.  True story.

2) The second reason that I was afraid I was going to spend the better part of this morning sobbing into my pillow was because Saturday was our anniversary!  Six painful wonderful years together with the hubs.  Mom and Dad very sweetly offered to keep the kids Saturday night so we could have a nice relaxing night out.  We ended up eating at Kobe which is a delicious Hibatchi grill.  Freaking yum.  However, the portions they serve are un-effing-believable.  And yours truly ate every damn thing they shoved in front of my chubby face Saturday night.  Except mushrooms, because ewww.  But I’m serious when I say there wasn’t a single thing that I took home after dinner Saturday night.  Because I’m a cow and cannot say no to yummy food.  Annnnnnnd, I didn’t have my hellbeasts children around to stop me.

But since I know that weekends are not my friend food-wise, I chose Thursday (not Monday) as my weigh-in day.  Having carnation instant breakfast with a granola bar for breakfast & eating salad with 2-3 oz of baked chicken breast for lunch definitely makes up for me eating 2,000 calories on Saturday night.  So of course, I’m allowing myself to indulge here and there but I’m also trying to stay aware of the fact that Thursday is always right around the corner and if I don’t want to disappoint myself when I step on the scale, I need to choose veggies over french fries.  Choose water over soda.

One thing I have been doing that makes the no-no list is I’ve been seriously slacking in the exercise department.  I haven’t worked out for almost a week.  I can make excuses (there are a few valid ones but other times I just felt like plopping down on my couch and drinking a glass of wine instead of letting Jillian make me throw up), but I’m not going to.  I’m just going to hit the reset button and start fresh.  I’ve already lost (almost) 8 pounds and I’m getting closer and closer to my first mini-goal.  I know that I can be there in just a few short weeks if I stick with it.  And part of me sticking with it, is exercising.  So, no more pissing and moaning about it.  It’s time to let Jillian back into my life.  Pray for me.


2 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday: Week 5

  1. Good for you! Keep it up. Soon there will be fresh veggies and fruit and you won’t be tempted. Need to check out the farmer’s market in CoMo, sure they have tons of things you don’t have in the garden yet! Nothing like fresh veggies on the grill with a steak or even a chicken breast. But your daddy told me yesterday, it was too hot to grill. WTH~!! I wanted some bbq. Oh well, maybe tonight!
    Oh by the way, your sister said she ate brussel sprouts last night. What is up with her?
    Mom and Dad

    • I had some brussel sprouts a few months ago at Hemingway’s and they were actually not too bad! I may have to make Greg try them out 😉 I cannot wait unti the stuff in our garden is ready to eat! We are definitely planting more sweet corn next year though. Between Greg and Brock, I’m not sure if I will get any at all!

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