I lost. Big time.

As you may recall, Greg was trying to convince me that we needed a dog.  This has been going on for quite some time and he saw a weakness in my armor when I said, “maybe”.  He is cutthroat.

On Tuesday evening, we went to the Humane Society and looked around but I really wasn’t feeling a connection to any of the little guys (and girls) there.  We talked to one of the workers there and she told us to just keep checking back because they have new arrivals almost daily.  I am a big proponent of pet adoption from rescue organizations and I truly believe that they are doing wonderful things.  But, I just didn’t feel like any of the dogs there were our dog so we decided to keep looking.  During the day on Tuesday, Greg had been in contact with a lady from Craig’s List. 

I know, I know. 

But don’t worry.  She wasn’t a hooker!  Just a normal lady trying to get rid of a dog that her kids convinced her to get and then they became teenagers and decided they were too cool to hang out with mom at home and play with the dog that they begged her for and promised her they would feed it.

They probably even pinky swore.

But that was back when they were 10 & 12 and now they are 12 & 14 and, “Like whatevah mom, I’m not a kid anymore!  Pinky swears don’t count!  Can I have $20 bucks so I can go to a movie with Johnny because he is so smokin’ hott!”

Bwahahahaha!  I cannot wait to humiliate my children with my completely out of touch lingo.

Just like my dad still does with me when he says, “Psych!”

::head desk::

Back to the part of the story that involves where we got a dog.

So we agreed that we would pick up the kids and go look at this dog.  I assumed that meant we would go home later that evening and discuss it. 

But there is a funny thing about assuming . . . I assume you know the rest?

We drove over an hour to get to this lady and when we got there, I knew I was a goner.  Her house, bless her heart, was an eye sore and there were 7 (literally seven.  Of course I counted) cars in and around the driveway.  Some looked functional.  Others, obviously were not.  Before we even got out of the car, Greg mumbled, “Well, we know we would definitely be giving her a better life.” 

Ha!  Like I didn’t hear that!

Let me point out that I know the above information makes us sound uber-judgey but c’mon.  Seven cars?  Two adults?  You do the math.

We spent about an hour at the lady’s house.  I asked a ton of questions like, “Is she up-to-date on her shots?” and (because she is an inside-outside dog), “Has she had heart worm medicine lately?” Most of the answers I got were like, “Um, yup.  She done had her heart worm medicine round her burthday in Octobur.”  Haha, okay.  I guess I will add “trip to the vet” to my to-do list.

Greg spent most of his time playing with the dog and saying things like, “Babe!  She knows ‘sit’!”  Brock & Adrianna were fascinated with the cat toys and thought it was funny when the dog would give them kisses. 

Just when I thought we were going to round things up and go home, Greg says, “Oh man!  We didn’t even bring a leash for her!”

::realizes there is a giant ‘sucker’ tattoo on my forehead::

We left that night with a dog.  A dog that we didn’t have food for and we stopped at a Casey’s on the way home to get some for her.  A dog that rode in the backseat with my husband and children and the four of them were never more happy to be stuck in a car for an hour.  A dog that knows enough to (mostly) stay out of our garden.  A dog that loves our kids to pieces already and gets so excited when we come home.  A dog whose name is “Sammy”. 

Um, what?  She needs a new name and STAT.  I need ideas, people!  I also need the name of a good local vet because ol’ girl needs to get on some heart worm medicine immediately.

This is not our dog. But it looks very much like her.


13 thoughts on “I lost. Big time.

  1. OK, here are suggestions from your sister for names. She said they have to be an old person name. Ida, Gracie Lou, Mildred, Ethel, but she really likes Doris or Deloris. Need any more?
    So when are we going to get to meet our newest grand dogger? I agree I don’t think she should be named Sammy. That is not a good name for a lab. Have to keep her cool in the summer because of her black coat and I know you don’t want to drive to Fulton for a vet but Doc and Kitty are really good. Might try Steve Brush at Horton, I think he is still there.
    Nan and Papa

  2. Boy you sure are a sucker! lol. Just read the comment from who I ASSUME is your mom, and I think you need to name her Doris. 🙂

  3. Ok, that just is the cutest story! I wasn’t for you all to get a dog because I know how much work they are and how expensive they are… But I’m so glad you gave her a better home!!! I’m
    SO for that!! 🙂 I suggest Dr. Stormer at Rolling Hill’s on Buttonwood, I know you will love her. She is absolutely amazing and was there for us when we had to put our cat down last year. Their number is 573-449-7387.

  4. Oh! And a cheaper way of getting heartworm and flea/tick meds is 1-800-PET MEDS. Believe me, we have to buy Thryroid tabs, allergy and heartworm.. Big savings!!

  5. LOL I knew it! Yay on getting a dog. 😀 It’s nice that she knows a few commands it sounds like….that’ll make life easier. So the dog is about 2ish? That’s a good age cause she probably got all the “crazy” out of her. Exciting!!!

    Oh and my dad still says Posse up….and used to say that in public places…..probably still does….

    • Yeah, she is 1.5 and (so far) she has done pretty well not chewing on things. But I did catch her in our garden a few times yesterday so I made Greg build a better fence around it. It’s also good at keeping out small children 😉

  6. Doc Farmer in Centralia is good with dogs. No idea on a different name and have to wonder if she’ll respond to it if you do change it. Might be kinda like Brock calling Peter “Heater”. LOL.

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