Weight loss Thursday(ish): Week 6

So I’m doing a slight cheat this week and entering my weight loss update on Friday even though I’m supposed to be doing it on Thursdays.  On Tuesday when we went to pick up the dog, we ate at McDonald’s which wouldn’t have been that big of a deal.  Except Wednesday night I made lasagna some of our friends.  And Michaela brought garlic bread. 

And peanut butter cookies. 

And I’m a sucker for carbs. 

So I ate 2 pieces of garlic bread and two cookies on top of the way-too-large-to-be-a-healthy serving of lasagna!  Oh mah goodness.  The point is, I felt like I needed yesterday as a ‘bonus day’ to purge myself of my bad eating habits.  Also to punish myself.  Literally I ate 1/2 a cup of green beans as a snack.

::stomps off and pouts::

And the result?  The result is: lasagna-1, Tara-0.

Waaaaaaaaaaa!  Waaaaaaaaaa!  Waaaaaaaaaa!

But, I only gained about 0.4 pounds so I’m still okay.  Just not where I had hoped to have been.

So this upcoming week is back to the grind. 

Except for dinner tonight because Greg is taking me out on a date!  Squeeeeeeee!

And the 2-year-old birthday party we are going to on Saturday.

::waves hands::  Hi Peyton!

And Sunday is 4th of July which I’m sure will be packed full of BBQs and ice cream.

But after that, I’m back on the weight-loss train.

Heaven help me.


2 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday(ish): Week 6

  1. It seems everyone’s on a weight loss kick now…your buddy, Calendi, her sister Ketura, and now I must join in the fray. I’ve decided to scratch all diets, simply cut back and do physical activities I enjoy (LOVE hiking and riding my pink beach cruiser bike – named “Lucy”).

    Anyway, I’m watching your progress (NOW, who’s stalking whom?)…heh heh.

    Meanwhile, you’ll be able to read about yourSELF on http://www.meettheswarrentons.com the day after tomorrow. No, you’re not on a diet in this webisode. 🙂

    Happy reducing!

    • Good luck with the weight-loss! It is so freaking hard because I LOVE to eat. Love it. And I hate exercising. So, I’m not left with very many options 😦

      I was seriously so giddy when I read your last entry! I couldn’t believe it! I am getting ready to post a link to it on my blog as well. Partly to increase your website traffic. Partly to show everybody how famous I am 😉 Thanks for the shout-out!

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