In case you didn’t know, I’m a celebrity

And here’s the proof.

Of course there is a story behind it and of course you want to read it.

So here it is.

When I was pregnant with Sissy, I was working nights in the ICU.  On the good nights, when my patients were well-behaved and I drugged them they went to sleep on their own, I had ample opportunity to play around on the internet go above and beyond at work.  I found a website called The Bump (get it?  Pregnancy.  Baby bumps. ) and they happened to have online forums where you could post questions about babies, pregnancy, whatever you wanted.  Late at night, there were a group of us that would hang out and chit-chat about pregnancy, our husbands, our families, what we were eating, etc.  I was so lucky to have met such an awesome group of women that were going through pregnancy at the same time as me and we got to be pretty good friends.  In fact, most of us still keep in contact with each other and it has been over a year ago since most of the babies were born! 

I was lucky enough to have “met” one of the women’s mom’s through facebook.  Turns out, she is originally from St. Louis and one day she said something about having a book signing in her hometown.  Since I like making things uncomfortable for complete strangers, I was all, “Jayna!  I totally want backstage passes to your book signing!”  And she was like, “Um, who the eff are you, weirdo?”

Okay, that’s not exactly how it happened, but the important thing is, she fell in love with me and not only named a character after me (her name is Tara Stemme) but character Tara has many of the same personality traits as real-life Tara.

I’m so excited I could throw up.

Also, if you want to send me a congratulations-you-are-a-celebrity gift, I want a wii-fit.

But no pressure.

And after you are done buying my gift, head over to Jayna’s site and read about the Swarrenton’s!


5 thoughts on “In case you didn’t know, I’m a celebrity

  1. You could have given us her website to check this out. I hope someone gives you that D#*( Wii Fit for a gift so you will not ask me for it. Are you tired of your friend Jillian beating you up every time you visit her??
    Can’t wait to find out her website and see what she wrote about my little girl.

    • I made it clickable in my post ding-dong!

      But here it is again:

      I am sick to death of Jillian and her bullshit. Last night I hula-hooped for 20 minutes and I was sweating my ass off and had WAY more fun! Seriously! You should buy it for me and you could come to my house and we could do it together!

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  3. Ha! You’re so excited you’re going to throw up? LOL
    I sure hope the episode didn’t make you sick.
    If it makes you feel better, the webisode w/ you in it received a pretty favorable response.
    Stay tuned. You’ll appear in Webisode #10 as the Swarrenton’s babysitter. Oh baby!

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