Weight loss Thursday. Even though it’s Friday. Again. Week 7.

Obviously, THIS is Kobayashi.

I was so completely afraid that I would have gained weight again this week since we went out for a delicious dinner Friday night, had a birthday party Saturday night and Sunday I was non-stop eating with all of the 4th of July festivities.  I was seriously thinking about changing my name to Kobayashi but then I thought that would be too difficult for people to remember so I settled on Joey Chestnut. 

However, somehow I managed to lose 1.6 pounds this week!  Which brings my grand total to: 8.9 pounds so far!  Which also means I’m only 4.6 pounds away from my first mini-goal of 13.5 pounds! 

I was hoping to get there by my birthday (which happens to be Wednesday so thanks in advance for the cash) but I may have to move it back to Adrianna’s birthday party.  Which is fine.  I’m ::crosses fingers:: hoping to be down at least 10 pounds by my birthday (only 1.1 pound to go!) and that will give me another week and a half to lose the other 3.5.  Which is good and bad.  Good because I’m trying to be flexible and not being too rigid with what I’m eating or not eating.  I am trying to make more balanced choices.  Like, it’s okay with me if I eat a small piece of blackberry cobbler and a half-scoop of ice cream.  It’s not okay if I eat the entire cobbler in addition to the entire half-gallon of ice cream.  See the distinction?  Good.

(Just for the record, I’ve never actually eaten an entire blackberry cobbler.  Now if I made a chocolate cobbler, I’d be toast.  Chocolate is my kryptonite.  Mmmmmmm . . . . .  chocolate.)

But in a way, the timing is bad (but really?  When is a good time to lose weight?  I’m seriously asking.  I’ve never figured it out.) because my birthday is in there.  My family is big on eating out for birthdays.  It’s just what we do.  So I will go out with my parents, sister, sister’s boyfriend (if he’s not working) my husband, and children for dinner.  I will completely stuff myself and I will enjoy every minute of it.  Then, I will go out with my husband minus the kiddos and completely stuff myself again.  (Hey!  It’s my birthday!  I can do whatever I want, right?!)  Then I will feel incredibly guilty about not meeting my goals to be down 13.5 pounds by Adrianna’s birthday party.  Then I will get stressed and eat my weight in chocolate chip cookies a light snack.  Then I will snap out of it and get extremely motivated and prove to the world myself that I can and will do it.  I will jump on my Wii-Fit and work off all of those damn calories that I so lovingly ingested the previous nights.

Hold on.  I don’t have a Wii-Fit.

::shakes fist at sky::

Why don’t my plans ever work out the way I want them to?!

The moral of the story here is buy me a Wii-Fit and I will stop bitching.  At least about the Wii-Fit.

Wait.  What?

Oh that’s right.  The real moral of the story is, I need motivation.  I need my friends and family and random blog stalkers (::cough:: Jim Hibdon ::cough::) to keep me motivated.  I need you guys to be the voice inside my head that will smack me back into reality when I’m about to go on a food bender.  Force me to be accountable.  Force me to make good choices.  Force me to say “That was totally worth it!” when I step on the scale next week.


2 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday. Even though it’s Friday. Again. Week 7.

  1. So does that mean that I need to say, we are not taking you out for your birthday?? OK, well I guess we will all go out (without you) and celebrate for you. Is that the motivation you want? I didn’t think so, you will have to be selective when we go out and think about what you eat. I know sometimes the salads are the highest calorie content on the menu.
    Have a good weekend/week.
    Mom and Dad

    • Um, no. I said motivation not torture. I will just be more careful about the things I eat when we go out and watch out for the portions. I may try the get-a-box-before-you-take-a-bite trick. Most people say that works pretty well so I will have to give it a shot!

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