Black eyes, BBQ, swimming & tattoos!

Last week at work was a real bitch.  I had originally planned to write this post on Wednesday and call it: “Tuesdays suck.  Especially after a long weekend.”  But it turns out, that this entire week has sucked hard-core.  So rather than splitting this up into two entries (which is what I should probably do), I’m going to cram in all into one!  Yay!  

Just before a 3-day weekend, I get pumped up.  I was so excited!  Sun!  BBQ!  Swimming!  Fireworks!  Sleeping in for 3 days!   

Except that last one is not true because I have two small children that love to torture me and wake up before 6am on the weekends.  

Anyway, I was excited.  We had lots of fun stuff planned which included:  

  • Peyton’s 2nd birthday party
  • 4th of July stuff at Grandma & Grandpa’s house
  • swimming
  • playing in our garden
  • picking blackberries with mom (this one is actually not really fun, but it’s relevant to the story)

Things last week’s plans didn’t include:  

  • Brock getting a black eye
  • Brock getting punched by his cousin, Peyton, at her birthday party
  • Brock and I both getting poison ivy
  • Me getting covered in bug bites

But let’s start at the beginning.  One day last week when we picked up the kids from daycare, this is what we were greeted with:  

He's milking it just SLIGHTLY for the camera.


 He told us that somebody punched him in the eye.  Greg immediately begins scanning the group of kids at daycare determined to figure out which little bastard hurt his tiny twin.  Turns out, a group of kids were playing tag and one of the kids in front of him fell, which made him fall.  His face landed on the other kid’s hand thus equally a punch in Brock’s mind.  Either way, baby boy had his first black eye (which he adamantly maintains is purple, not black!) last week.  Ahhhh, the milestones of childhood!  

Friday evening, I took the kids out to Mom & Dad’s so Dad could babysit and Mom & I could pick blackberries.  Important note: When my sister and I were younger, my mom used to torture us with blackberries.  She would give us a to-do list of the summer to “keep us out of trouble”.  The item on the top of that list every day?  Pick blackberries.  And I’m not talking about a few handfuls.  No no.  We had to pick a 5-quart ice cream bucket full.  Why was she so insane about blackberries?  It was because she like to freeze them so she can have blackberries year-round.  Which, okay.  Now that I’m an adult and have to pay for my own groceries, I understand.  A little.  But.  The thing about blackberry-picking is those tiny little buggers are covered in thorns.  So you have to choose.  Do I get attacked by the blackberry thorns or do I die from a heat stroke and wear long sleeves and jeans in 100+ degree weather to prevent being scratched to death.  

All I’m saying is that it was a horrible way to have to spend your summer.  Especially when you don’t even like blackberries all that much.  I do now, of course.  Now that I don’t equate blackberries with Satan.  Because, blackberries?  They make yummy cobblers.  


This is stolen directly from Pioneer Woman.  If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you should.  It’s totally worth the extra jiggle you will get on your behind.  

On Saturday, we spent the evening at my cousin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  Brock was having so much fun jumping in the bounce house, playing on the swing set & playing with the other kids, he sorta forgot his manners.  When Peyton was sitting at the top of the slide and Brock wanted her to go, he didn’t patiently wait.  He shoved her.  Luckily, she had a tight enough hold on the slide that she didn’t go down.  (Un)luckily, she is much like her mother and turned around and slugged Brock for shoving her!  He completely deserved it, but it is so funny when history repeats itself.  Peyton’s mom got sent home from school the first day of kindergarten for whacking a kid in the face with her lunchbox because he jumped in front of her at lunch!  (Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to get any pictures of the battle.)  

On Sunday (the 4th) we made the kids take an early nap so we could get out to Grandma & Grandpa’s house a little early so the kids could swim.  At first, Brock was terrified of the water (because he couldn’t touch) but before we left, he was jumping in the water with no floaties!  

Greg trying to coax Brock into the water. Notice that he is wearing an inner tube AND a swimsuit with floaties built into it. Still terrified.


Such a big boy!


 After we swam for a few hours at Grandma & Grandpa’s house, we ate the yummy BBQ that the guys had fixed along with all of the classic 4th of July staples: cole slaw, corn on the cob, baked beans, deviled eggs, and yummy desserts!  

Then it was time for fireworks!  Adrianna fell asleep around 8 or 8:30 and Brock was still wide awake at 9.  I was worried that he would start to get cranky, but he was actually holding up really well.  About 9:30, he yawned and I asked if he was tired.  “Nope”.  ”  

Not five minutes later, he walked over to me and said, “I need to go home.”  

Me: “What’s up, buddy?  Are you tired?”  

Brock: “Nope.  I not tired.  I just need to go home and go to bed.”  


So we left before all of the fireworks were done, but I did manage to get one decent picture of them:  


On Monday, we slept in until 6:30.  Greg had a few things he needed to get done that morning so I hung out with the kids.  Then my bestie called around noon and wanted to hang out in the afternoon.   

I am so jealous of people who have children that understand how wonderful it is to sleep past 7am.   

I say this because she has no children and I know that she called a mere seconds after she rolled out of bed.  


Anyway, when I got home Monday evening, Greg and the kids had done something.  Something that I was unsure about.  Something I’m still unsure about.  

My babies are inked!


 Of course, not wanting to be left out of the fun, Greg had to get one too:  

Greg's is some sort of dragon & Brock has a robot


Look at how happy they all are!  ::Sigh::  I am totally outnumbered.  


 I know that this post is over a week behind, but I promise to try to be better this week.  But, since it is my birthday this week, I’m not making any promises . . .


12 thoughts on “Black eyes, BBQ, swimming & tattoos!

  1. UMMM, I think you left out the part that the tattoos are not permanent! That might make a big difference to some people.
    When I saw Brock’s eye it WAS Purple not black so he is technically right. If Adrianna keeps it up, she will be the next one to give him one and it might be intentional.
    As for the torture your mother made you endure, it was to keep you both alive during those summer months and do something productive. Too bad I didn’t have a huge garden to make you all weed and harvest!
    Have a better week.
    Nan and Papa

    • Haha, I’m surprised that you didn’t say anything else about blackberries! As a mother, I’m now trying to remember all of the ways you used to torture us so I can put it to good use!
      Yes, the tattoos are temporary. But, I didn’t want to be the one to take away my kids street cred 😉
      Did you not see Brock’s fingernail from where Sissy bit him?! It’s still purple!

  2. Those are fake?? 🙂 Tara, I am one to understand the torture of a mother too. We should start a support group!! Sounds like (minus the lack of sleeping in) that you had a fun week.

    • Most of that stuff was crammed into the weekend, actually. Well, everything except the black eye!
      I love the idea for a support group. Although, I don’t really want to get on your mom’s bad side. I am a character in her story and I would hate for “Tara” to become more neurotic than she already is 😉

  3. No no I think my mom’s trying to keep the characters as close to the people they’re based off of as possible hahahaha JK!! I’m so glad you didn’t get a picture of the slide incident. It makes me feel better that I didn’t get one single picture of our camping trip!

    • It’s funny that you say that about your mom keeping the characters true-to-life. When I was reading the story to my bestie, she was like, “Oh Em. Gee. It’s like she really knows you!” When I shot her a dirty look, she just laughed and said, “Oh puh-lease. I’ve heard those exact words come out of your mouth!”

      She’s a dirty whore and a liar. But I love her anyway 😉

  4. After the guys picked blackberries at your mom’s and delivered a cobbler to friends in Iowa they told them they better really enjoy it, because those plants practically ate them alive. LOL.

    Oh, and as for the tats, yeah, I was one of those mommas who completely freaked out. Chris was about 10 months old and his babysitter thought it’d be fun to give all the kids temporary tats. I FLIPPED when I got home and saw that on my sweet, innocent little boy. Greg’s lucky you love him and didn’t kill him on site.

    • I’m telling ya, it’s no freaking wonder blackberries are so damn expensive! You literally have to risk your life to get to them. I nearly fell into a patch. Twice. The rule out in the blackberry patch is, “If I fall in, go get a gun a shoot me. Don’t bother pulling me out. It will be much too painful.” So so true.

      I was pretty mad about the tattoos but then Brock picked one out for me and he told me that mine was, “AWESOME!” so I kinda warmed up to the idea. Just don’t tell Greg. I don’t want him getting any ideas that I’m getting soft 😉

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