Smash Cake Photo Shoot

With less than a week to go until Sissy’s 1st birthday party, she needed a trial run.  Turns out, she didn’t need any practice at all because she tore into that little sucker!


Don't let that look fool you. She was MORE than happy to rip into that cake!

Getting tips from big brother

What? Do I have a little cake on my face?

It's OVER?! I want MOAR!!!!!!!!

 I’m a little scared to see what she will do at her birthday party!


4 thoughts on “Smash Cake Photo Shoot

  1. Well, you should know how she feels about food! It was funny to watch her and then see her so mad when you took her to clean her up. Hope she puts on that good of a show next week! Thanks for letting us take her to church with us. Many complements about how pretty she is and how cute her outfit was as well.
    Nan and Papa

    • She most definitely loves food and I hope she is as entertaining this weekend, as well! Wait. What am I saying? My children are drama-filled and entertaining if nothing else 😉

    • Oh, yeah. Getting messy was definitely NOT her problem. But, it’s kinda funny–she didn’t end up with it in her hair or down her diaper like I figured she would 😀 She was dainty about being messy!

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