Weight loss Thursday: Week 9

Apparently my ass didn’t hear me declare that calories don’t count on your effing birthday, because guess what?  I gained a pound.  But.  I did say that I was going to be taking a break from dieting this week and I’m not really all that concerned.  It’s only one pound.  It’s only one week.  And, lemme tell you.  I ate my weight in yummy food this past week and it was so worth it!  Now that my body is sort-of “reset” from dieting, I’m hoping that I can get off on the right foot this week.  I am hopeful.  I am prepared for Adrianna’s birthday party because I plan to keep myself busy long enough to not eat 5 10 15 pieces of cake and the necessary ice cream to accompany it.  I’m also hoping to burn off plenty of calories while chasing around after all of the kids at the party in the sweltering heat.

::Dear God, please hold off the rain just long enough for us to have the birthday party.  Then it can rain.  Amen.::

Also, since I got the wii, I have been making a conscious effort to workout until I hit my “calorie goal” of 250 calories burned/day.  Some days I do, some days I don’t.  It mostly depends on the activity (obviously) and sometimes doing yoga on the wii just doesn’t burn the amount of calories that I need in order to hit my goal.

I also have another form of motivation this week.  I’m slightly competitive, and my best friend just joined a gym.  It’s. On.  I cannot let myself drop the figurative ball, because if she wins?  My life will not be worth living because she. will. make. it. hell.  She will rub it in my face until I cry like the little girl that I am.

Actually, she probably won’t because she is a very sweet person but if I can imagine that she is more like me (because I am a very sore winner.)  (And loser.), it just might give me the motivation to step away from the 3 batches of cuppy-cakes that I made last night.

That’s right.  I made 3 effing batches of cupcakes last night.  I did take 2 batches to the babysitter’s this morning for Sissy’s birthday party and I brought one of them into work.  And, so far, I’ve been pretty good about not eating them.  Maybe if I just keep imagining how much weight my friend has lost this week and the fact that I’ve gained a pound, it will keep me away.


The cupcakes are already calling my name and it isn’t even 10 am.

Send help.

Preferably an old priest and a young priest.


Heaven, help me.


2 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday: Week 9

  1. Well, thanks for sharing the cupcakes (what little I got of mine) they were good. At least the birthday girl shared some of it with me and even had a couple of nibbles of my finger. Can’t wait until Saturday to see her devour that cake! I will take pictures of the kiddos at Cold Stone tomorrow for you. Yummy!
    Nan and Papa

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