The post where I go on and on about the inflatable slip ‘n slide

In our never-ending attempt to make our children’s childhood memories, well, memorable, tonight we set up the inflatable slip ‘n slide in preparation for Sissy’s 1st birthday party.
Yes, I realize that she is one and won’t remember a thing about this party.
I also realize that my children were born in the hottest, most humid part of the year and when we decide that it is a good idea to have an outside birthday party, you need entertainment for the wee ones.  Preferably in the form of water.
Hence: The Inflatable Slip ‘n Slide!
Enjoy the over-share of pictures!

Getting the inflatable slip 'n slide set up

All inflated; just need the water . . .

Attaching the anchors . . .

Brock sees the inflatable slip 'n slide for the first time!

Giving it a test climb


This is sort-of where things took a bad turn . . .


Good thing dad had some heavy-duty fishing line and a good needle.  Oh yeah.  And duct tape.

In case he tries to tell you any different, it was my idea to use fishing line to repair the rip.

Not that he would steal my ideas and give the credit to himself or anything . . .


4 thoughts on “The post where I go on and on about the inflatable slip ‘n slide

  1. Haha Amazing…. Did you get much use out of it? 🙂 Looks like alot of fun though. We had the inflatable bounce houses at M.Andrew’s party last weekend. Hope you all had a great time! Happy Birthday Little Miss! 🙂

  2. It amazed me how much more daring the kids got as the day wore on. One time I saw Brock climb up, do a little bounce at the top and then zip down. The little bounce seemed to make him go faster (if that is possible) and farther. He was laughing all the time. Amazing from a kid that at the beginning of the month did not want water in his face and yesterday, his face, hair and everything else was covered with water! So glad that was available for the kids or they would have all been very cranky.
    Nan and Papa

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