Birthday party extravaganza!

On Saturday we had Adrianna’s 1st birthday party at mom & dad’s house.  We started setting up around 9am and we were pretty much ready to eat around noon.  Greg was busy manning the grill cooking up hamburgers and hotdogs while mom, dad & I set up tables, canopies, the pinata, gift table, and setting out the rest of the food.  We had just over 40 people there and Adrianna got so many cutie-pie clothes.  Seriously–I’m so glad that I have a little girl that I can play life-size Barbie with!  Enjoy the pictures! 

So cute in her little polka-dot dress and hat. She even had sunglasses to match, but they didn't last long!


Slip 'n slide fun!


I seriously can’t stop with the slip ‘n slide pictures.  

The kids had so much fun!  

And, it was a good thing we had it there because it was 

Such a lucky little girl. Look at all of those gifts!




Greg, his best friend, Brock, and one of his friends eating the yummy food.


Smash cake, part deux


"nom nom nom


Öh-a my-a goodness. How cute is she?!


Mmmmm. . . cake


It’s hard to see in this picture, but they put tiny little sparkles in the icing so it was extra princess-ey. 

In my next career, I want to be a cake decorator. 

But I’m not artistic at all, so it may be a problem. 

Yep. I'm cheesy and spelled out her name in candles. Because it's not obvious ENOUGH that it is her birthday party 🙂


Every girl needs a sparkly tiara for her first birthday. Right?


Sigh. I'm not sure what I am going to do with all of this cuteness.




Remember Peyton?  This is her.  Imagine how destructive she is with a bat 🙂 

Big brother takes a whack at it.




Evan was the one that unleashed all that glorious candy. 

Mmmmm.  Candy. 

"We will be good, Daddy. We promise."


Why in the world are these two not diving into the candy pile?! 

Surely they cannot be related to me. 

I nearly knocked over my own grandma to get to that sugary goodness. 


Showing off their loot!


Diving into the presents


Mmmm . . . what will I DO with all of these clothes?!


Brock got presents, too!


Loot pile


 We had such a fun & exhausting weekend.  Thanks to everybody that helped us out and to all of those who came out to help us celebrate!  We have such an amazing family & friends! 

See you all in a month for Brock’s party!


4 thoughts on “Birthday party extravaganza!

  1. Now we need to see a fashion show of all the cute clothes she got! She will be the best dressed princess in Columbia. So glad we had the place to have the party and even though it was hot, the canopies and fans helped tremendously (and the slip and slide for the kids). It amazed me how they took turns climbing on the slippy slide (as Brock calls it). There was really no adult at it running riot control and there were no incidents of arguing or fighting.
    We had so much fun just watching all of the interaction!
    Nan and Papa

    • Ah, yes indeed. I will be conducting a fashion show very soon. Maybe one day this week while Brock is at VBS, you can help me . . .

      The kids all did really well taking turns. I was pretty amazed that there were no fist fights going on 😉

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