Being judged at Wal-Mart

Yesterday I used the last of my favorite dressing on my salad and since Wal-Mart is the only place around that I can find it, I stopped there this morning before work.  While I was there, I walked by a display of cherries that looked pretty yummy, so I grabbed a bag of those as well.  I really considered this to be a win for me since I really wanted all some of the pastries and I chose fruit.

When I was in the check-out line, the young woman (about my age) says, “Hmm.  Salad dressing and cherries, huh?  That’s a good lunch.”

I just kind of laughed it off because I didn’t want to explain my choice to her, but c’mon.  Seriously?  Has she even heard of People of  Obviously not.  Because compared to some of those people, me and my cherry/salad dressing combo look like the Royal Family.


I love the garter accessory. Adds just a little something extra to that outfit.

 Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve worn jammies into Wal-Mart my fair share of times but that picture above?  Well, you’ve got to work hard to look that bizzare when you are going out in public.  She could’ve at least worn red flip-flops.  Pink shoes & red skirt?  Tsk tsk tsk.

See? Classy.


5 thoughts on “Being judged at Wal-Mart

  1. I’ll give you props for not going off on the cashier lady for making such a comment in the morning. Surely, at the Columbia Wal-Mart, she’s seen more interesting purchases.

    • That’s kinda what I thought. And, I wasn’t really offended by her comment, it was just kinda . . . weird, ya know? They were both food items, afterall. It’s not like I was buying tampons and Cheeze-Whiz.

      Although, that one sorta makes sense too . . .

  2. Funny story– when we went to Scranton, PA for Marcus’ birthday, we were at the desk of our motel signing in, and this person walked in behind us. HE stood next to me at the counter, applied HIS lipstick, checked HIS nail polish, and fluffed HIS skirt. Hmm…. now this guy looked familiar, but we had never been to Scranton before so I knew that wasn’t it. It took me 25 mins to realize where I had seen him before– People Of!!! Crazy right! He’s been on there at least 4 times. 🙂

    With that being said, Marcus works for Walmart, so I can’t say too much negative about the store (he works at a distribution center), but they seem to hire the more ignorant, rude, and lazy employees for their stores up here.

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