Weight loss Thursday: Week 10

You guys.  I am so close to my first mini-goal I can nearly taste it (no pun intended).  This week I lost 2.6 pounds which brings my grand total to: -11.9 pounds!  Hooray!  Just another 1.6 pounds to go until I have officially lost all of my baby weight from Adrianna!  Truthfully, I’m pretty surprised that I lost any weight at all this week since we had Adrianna’s birthday party over the weekend.  I guess since we had it outside while it was 900 degrees helped a little.  Sweating is hard work 😉

I had a kick-ass graph that I made to show my progress, but my computer hates me and I can’t get it into the post.  Just know that it is awesome and I’m down almost 12 pounds!  Hip hip hooray!

How is everybody else doing with losing weight?  Several of my friends right now are trying and I feel like we need to encourage each other!  Please feel free to share your thoughts, progress, complaints, etc.  I want to hear from you guys!


4 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday: Week 10

  1. You are doing amazing Tara! So proud of you! I forgot to weigh in today b/c my baby girl is under the weather but i will tomorrow!!! I havent worked out in a long time i need some friends to keep my butt in gear!

    • Sorry to hear about little miss. Hope she feels better soon!

      I have kind of been slacking in the working-out department as well because we have been so busy. So, to make up for it, I’ve just been trying to watch portions and stop eating when my body tells me I’m full. Good luck at the weigh-in tomorrow 😀

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