Weight loss Thursday: Week 11

I was really hoping to hit my goal of 13.5 pounds this week, but Greg and I had a date last weekend and we took Brock to the zoo on Sunday and we ate a ton of junk while we were there.  I would rather enjoy myself when we get to do things even if it means the weight comes off a little slower than I would like.  At least it’s coming off, right?

The results this week?  Another 0.6 pounds down!  Hooray!  I only have 1 mother-loving pound to go until I hit my first mini-goal!  And, I’m pretty sure I am going to get a pedicure to celebrate because 1) it’s not related to food, 2) it is (relatively) cheap, & 3) my feet look dreadful and they deserve one last hurrah before they are subjected to a winter of ::shudder:: close-toed shoes.

So, talk to me.  What are you doing to reward yourself when you reach your weight-loss goals?


4 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday: Week 11

  1. Every 10 lbs that I lose I do something for ME. My first ten lbs I got my highlighted and cut. I am about 5 lbs away to my next reward and I haven’t got a clue how I will reward myself

  2. Take me with you when you get your pedicure! I am fitting into shorts I haven’t been able to wear all summer (maybe I sweat enough off this past week)! I don’t weigh because it depresses me.

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