No lemonade for you!

Let this be a lesson to all the kids out there. 

If you want to make a quick buck, you better be sure your moms & dads filed for a business license before you set up your lemonade stands.

(Click here for the video from

A little girl in Oregon got her lemonade stand shut down by the local government because she didn’t have the proper documentation.  Apparently in the state of Oregon, a business license costs $150 and geeze, Louise.  If kids nowadays are charging enough to cover that cost, I may need to get in on that action.  It was said that the government is looking into the law to see what tweaks can be made so that young children can still sell their goodies without having to pay the hefty fine.  If not, I guess we will just have to start making our own lemonade.

Not cool, Oregon.


8 thoughts on “No lemonade for you!

  1. Shoot! I wish I made that much at a lemonade stand. lol Most I ever made was like 50cents. Haha. I lived on a really quiet street no where near a main road. 🙂

  2. Bad law. The boys did lemonade stands one year to get better at their money skills. They made a good chunk of change because it was haying season and the gravel was rather busy. I think the mailman paid $5 for all he could drink! LOL. Gotta love living in rural America.

    • We are definitely supporters of local business 😉 Anytime we see a little stand like that, Greg always stops and gives a little more than the “asking” price but he never gave $5! Way to go, mailman!

  3. I thought about buying produce and setting a sign at the end of the road and making a little profit. Your dad told me I didn’t have time so he shut me down before the government had a chance. I think it is a good thing for kids to do to learn responsibility and boo for Oregon to take that away from the.

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