Random reason #497 why I love my husband

A few months back we went to Hermann for a 6-winery wine tasting/tour.  Click here and here for the story & pictures.  I absolutely fell in love with some of the local wines and so did Greg, but more importantly, Greg fell in love with some of the local antique shops.  Greg has a keen sense for a bargain and antique shops are no exception.  He loves the damn things.  Me?  Not so much.  But marriage is about compromise, so we went inside every one that Hermann has to offer.

Last night he tells me that his friend wants him to go to a truck & tractor pull with him.  (If you don’t know what that is, trust me, you’re not missing much.) (I might go to one sometime and take some pictures just to prove it.)  To get to this particular truck & tractor pull, they have to drive through Hermann.  Here are a series of text messages that we had while they were driving:

Me: Just heard “Wild Thing” on the radio & it made me think of Brock 🙂  Love you.  Hope you’re having fun.

Him: We just went through Hermann.

Me: Awwww, Hermann.  I want some wine now . . .

Him: Me too.  And an antique shop.

Me: Haha!  You are so wonderfully weird.  I miss you already.

Him: I miss you and love you so much.

Me: Love you too, babe.

See?  Marriage is about compromise.  Compromise & accepting each other’s weirdness.

Adam Puchta's Jazz Berry. Mmmmm. Me likey.


4 thoughts on “Random reason #497 why I love my husband

  1. Are they going to Washington? We were just there last night! Who knows, maybe he’ll get his buddy to stop for a bottle of wine for you and an antique for him. LOL.

  2. Awe, you are both so weird. I don’t know why hearing “Wild Thing” would make you think of our little angel. Random maybe, but a wild thing??? Anyway,hope he had fun at the tractor pull, think you were tramatized once when we lost your dad at one and it took forever to find him hiding in the beer garden.

    • I thought of the little demon angel because Greg got me a muscial card for my birthday that plays “Wild Thing” and Brock loves it. That’s why I thought of him. Not because, ya know, he is a wild man 😀

      Maybe that is why I don’t like them. Although, since he went last night, all Greg can talk about is the things “we” are going to do there next year. Ha! He is out of his mind!

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