I think I might have found another weight-loss reward

One of the blogs that I follow is linked to a website.  A website that was started by two friends of mine.  Unlike much of what goes on in the blogging world, I’ve actually met these two girls.  In, fact I went to high school with both of them and one of them, I’ve known since the days of pranks at slumber parties.

Now that we are all grown up and were forced into becoming working schmucks, they went and did something awesome.  Something that I dream about.  They started their own photography/event planning business! 

All together now: Oh.  Mah.  Goodness.

How jealous am I?  Very jealous.

They recently started a blog that goes along with their business where they post lots of behind-the-scene type shots there as well as the stories that go along with their photo shoots.  Today, this popped up in my google reader.  Remember when I said that one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was to feel sexy when my husband tells me that I am? 

I’m seriously considering booking them when I hit my goal weight.  What better way to capture all of my hard work than to have pictures of it?  I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but have always been too insecure about how I look (semi)naked to have somebody photograph it.  But, I think if I were to get this done, it would be motivation to keep at my goals.  It would motivate me to work-out when I would rather snuggle up on the couch and eat a gallon pint bowl of ice cream.  It’s not like I would be posing for Playboy; the pictures would just be for my husband and myself.  The pictures would also be a nice reminder for the days when I’m feeling blah.  I could look at them and think, “Damn girl!  You used to be smokin’ hot!  Now, get that ass off the couch and get into gear!” (That’s how my inner monologue talks to me.  She has a filthy whore mouth.  She is a work in progress.)

What do you guys think?  Semi-nakie pics: good idea or not so much?


6 thoughts on “I think I might have found another weight-loss reward

  1. YAY! I’m so glad that you are using this as a motivation! I have to say that this blog post totally made my day, these are the reasons why I (we) LOVE these shoots. I can’t wait to do these with you! (did I really just basically ask you to get naked?!? LOL!

  2. As your mother, I vote no. But as long as your dad and I don’t have to see them, I guess whatever you want. Remember your children come into your bedroom as well. No need to scar them emotionally. No one wants to see their mom half naked (no comment from you either or I will be over to wash your mouth out!).

    • Haha, I was pretty sure I knew what your vote was going to be! As I stated in the post, they wouldn’t be on display. Only for me and Greg. And I also said–I won’t be totally naked. And if I am, I’m sure Sarah & Ginger will use tactful lighting to cover up the lady bits 😉

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