Toddler Talk Thursday

This weeks Toddler Talk Topic over at Crazy About My Baybah & Family and Life in LV is about your Toddler’s favorite food.  Adrianna is in no way, shape or form picky about the food that she eats!  Luckily, she has always been a very good eater and I think alot of that is because I made her baby food.  She got used to different textures (unlike Gerber foods that are all pureed to feel the same) and tastes that aren’t always available in the baby food aisle.  One of her favorites when she was younger was avocado!  I loved knowing exactly where all of her food came from and knowing that I was doing something so good for her.  My only regret?  Not doing it for Brock!

Now, since she is a toddler (where did my sweet baby go?!), she still eats with as much zest & gusto as she did when she was just starting out on baby food.  She is pretty bad about helping herself to other people’s plates though, so look out!  Right now some of her favorite foods are:

mac ‘n cheese (especially homemade)








bell peppers 

I’m getting hungry just reading her list!


6 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Thursday

    • Well, the one-year-old definitely has a, lets say, broader palate than compared to her almost-3-year-old big brother. If it were up to him, he would live on chicken nuggets & (soy) ice cream sandwiches!

      Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog!

  1. She also likes dirt, june bugs and leaves if she can stuff them in her mouth before we catch her! She is not a huge fan of crispy cheetos though. Only thing I have found that she really doesn’t care for.

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