Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing parts of my brain

You know how Facebook always suggests people who you should be friends with?  Well, every now and then they suggest somebody on there that I’m like, “Huh.  That’s not a bad idea.  I wonder why I didn’t find this person sooner.” 

That is a minority of the time.  The rest of the time they suggest that I need to “reconnect” with Greg Stemme.  Those bastards.  And the one time I did try to “reconnect” with Greg Stemme on facebook, ya know what happened?  He never responded to what I wrote on his wall.  Never!!!!  Thanks alot, facebook a-holes.  You go and get my hopes up and then throw me under the bus, all the while laughing at me because you know that Greg Stemme doesn’t log onto facebook for months at a time and you know that he will think I’m an idiot for writing on his wall when I could, just as easily, yell at him from the living room to bring me a glass of wine water! 

Which is not at all what I wrote on his wall . . .

Back to the point.

I’m not sure if this is another genetic thing that my mom passed on to me but my dad is forever making fun of her because she doesn’t remember very many TV shows from back in the day.  She honestly cannot recall any episodes of Leave it to Beaver and this is an ongoing joke between her and my dad.  But I’m the same way.  I remember getting up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and I’ve seen pictures of me and my sister in just our jammies underwear lying on the living room floor watching them, but I cannot remember the content of the shows.  I think it was things like The Smurfs and She-ra but I really don’t remember too much about them.  Other than Smurfette’s weird patent leather white pumps & She-ra’s lasso.  Just like dad makes fun of mom, Greg makes fun of me because I can’t remember those shows from my early childhood.

So when facebook recommends people who I should “friend”, I honestly don’t know if part of my brain checks out or if I’ve repressed certain memories from, oh I don’t know, all of my childhood and adolescence, but I do not know who most of the people are.  Even when it says, “44 friends in common”, I know those people but not the original person that facebook suggests.

Greg has been telling me for years that I need to get an MRI of my brain because he thinks something is wrong with me.  But, he does have a valid point.  I cannot remember shit.  Like, at all.  When I ask him a question, I have to ask him at least 3 times before my brain can save the information.  Even then, sometimes it gets twisted around and I recall it incorrectly.

Greg, on the other hand, has an effing great memory.  It blows because apparently he has passed that onto our son.  They can remember everything.  I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth this morning.

Don’t worry–I did. 

I just asked Greg & he told me that he remembers that I did.

Does this happen to anybody else or just me?


8 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing parts of my brain

  1. BTW, I don’t remember those shows because I am so much younger than your dad!
    No really, We were way too busy on the farm to watch TV. Grandma and Grandpa have confirmed we had a TV just never watched it too much, we were constantly outside playing with friends and family or in the field to see Dad because he wouldn’t come home until really late and we would already be in bed.
    The only shows I remember from my childhood are “Dark Shadows” a locally produced vampire movie that we thought was so scary and “Showtime” an afternoon variety show for kids. Both of these came on after we got off the bus and before your Grandmother came home! I swear, she must have been the original TV Censor!

    • I think maybe I was just more into books than TV. I remember Disney movies just not a lot of TV. Maybe it was because you guys didn’t get satellite until we were almost out of the house!

  2. You aren’t alone! I’ve seriously thought about reaching in my trunk to start on Aricept somedays!! (jk!) The good news is that Pfizer has 8 compounds in testing right now for Alzheimer’s… Come on baby hurry up and find a cure!! We aren’t getting any younger!! 😉

    • Right?! I forget how many friends I have in the drug business . . . maybe I should capitolize on those connections 😉

      But in all seriousness–how amazing would it be if somebody found a cure . . .

  3. It would.. It’s such a sad disease.. I truly hope they find a cure.. In the meantime we just got a higher dose approved for moderate to severe.

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