Weight-loss Thursday

So, last week as my reward for hitting my first mini-goal of 13.5 pounds, I got a pedicure!  Brock told me that I needed purple toes and I was a little leery at first, but they turned out so cute!

I always thought that it would be so much easier to lose weight in the summer because you aren’t forced inside because of the weather, my Grandma’s don’t make Christmas candy in the summer & fresh fruits & veggies are EVERYWHERE.  I thought that shedding weight this summer would be super easy.  Well, guess what?!  I was wrong.  I forgot to take a few things into consideration.  1) I love to eat.  Period.  2) In my family we always go out to dinner to celebrate someone’s birthday.  Who has birthdays in the summer, you ask?  Mom (June 9), Me (July 14), Adrianna (July 23), Brock (August 22), & Dad (August 29).  That’s five dinners within a couple of months!  Not to mention the birthday parties.  Mmmmm, cake . . .

But, all of those obstacles aside, I feel like I’ve done fairly well this summer.  I would like to be a little farther along in my weight-loss journey but I would rather the pounds come off slowly and stay off than lose 40 pounds in 3 months and by Christmas be back to my starting weight.  Plus, did I mention how much I love to eat?  If there is a special occasion, I don’t want to deny myself the celebration.  But now, I know that if we are going to eat out, I have to be very careful about my food choices the rest of the week.  And I’m really getting better about that.

Alright, enough babbling!  Total weight loss/gain for the week is: -1 pound!  That brings my grand total to: – 15.9 pounds!  Woo-hoo!!!  That also means that I’m only 5.6 pounds away from my next mini-goal!  Yip yip yippee!  Very very good things this week.

We will just have to see how I do next Thursday since Brock’s birthday party is Saturday and his birthday is Sunday.

This is where I want you guys to chime in!  What are your biggest obstacles to summer-time weight loss & what do you/have you done to overcome them?


6 thoughts on “Weight-loss Thursday

  1. That is so awesome Tara! I am very anxious to do this next summer after I have the baby. I think that I will use your approach and set mini-goals. Keep up the good work! And I also thought that the pictures that you were talking about having Sarah and Ginger do is a great idea!

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