Jude update!

As determined as I was to not fall in love with this little puppy, I’m afraid that I’m sunk.  We’ve stuck with calling her Jude.  I get up every morning to check on her and make sure she survived the night.  I think Jude came at just the right time because she is enough of a newborn that I can get my baby fix without having to get up and feed her every 2 hours.  Even though I’m pretty sure Jude is a girl, Greg is just as sure that she’s a boy. 

Time will tell. 

So will the vet.

All of Adrianna’s little life, I’ve marveled at how good of an eater she is.  I’m serious.  I’ve never seen a baby with an appetite like hers!  When she was breastfeeding, she would have nursed non-stop if I would have let her.  She still loves to eat (which is a good thing) but I think she might have met her match with baby Jude. 

See, Sammy is a lab.  Lab mommas usually have more than one freaking puppy per litter.  The boobies are equipped to comfortably handle 8ish.  What this means for our sweet little Jude is that she has 1 mouth and 8 options.  Anytime she gets hungry or scared or hell, even just when she wakes up, she has a smorgasboard to feast from.  And Sammy is always using her snout to direct Jude to the boob.  Probably because she has enough milk to feed 8 little puppies and she only has one eating.  Sammy just wants some relief for her swollen bosom.  Jude is going to be a monster.

The proof is in the breast milk.

A-week-and-a-half ago

Last night

A-week-and-a-half ago

Last night

A-week-and-a-half ago

Last night

You see my dilemma, right?  I mean, sooner or later the puppy is going to turn into Clifford and we are going to have to move to a little island where she can have free reign over the land and can keep the wild animal population in check.  And?  Even if we wanted to get rid of her, how would we do it now?  She is a chunky monkey at 1.5 weeks!  She is going to be full-grown before she is weaned!  I mean, seriously.  In all of the more recent pictures I have of her, she is high-centered on her belly and all four legs are out at an angle because she is so chubby.


You guys.  Her eyes aren’t open yet and honestly–I can’t tell if it’s because she is 1.5 weeks old or because she is so fat, that her cheeks are squashing her eyes closed.


4 thoughts on “Jude update!

  1. Ok – I have never owned a dog before, or lived with a dog before, so don’t judge me. Why can’t you just look under the hood to see what she/he is packing??

    She/he is a cute puppy though!!

    • Haha, well because he/she is still too little to be sporting a visible peen or vag. So, for now, it’s just a waiting game.

      Greg swears there is a little nubbin there so he is convinced it is a boy.

  2. I don’t think she is too little to be sporting anything, maybe you can’t see it because of all the fat rolls! He/she/whatever Jude is, no doubt is cute and I bet Sammy bred with a Bull Mastiff after seeing these pictures. No wonder she only had one, forget what I said about stress or heat.

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