Brock’s 3rd birthday party (picture overload)

We had Brock’s 3rd birthday party at Mom & Dad’s house where we had BBQ, cake & ice cream & presents!  Brock was surrounded by friends and family and he had a fantastic time.  Here are some of the pictures from the festivities.  Enjoy!

Going going gone!

He got a t-ball set complete with a bat from Nan & Papa Jimbo!

Cousin Peyton helped with some of the heavy lifting!

Trying to reach his singing balloon

Sharing his new table with Jordan

Giving Papa Dave a bite of food

Enjoying the food & fun!

Cake = yummy


Getting a little help from all of us!

Trying out one of his new toys with daddy

Thanks again, so much, for all of those that were able to come out and help us celebrate Brock’s 3rd birthday.  We had so much fun and we sincerely hope that everybody else did, too!


4 thoughts on “Brock’s 3rd birthday party (picture overload)

  1. Well the weather was so nice for an outdoor party and I told you it would be fine. Sometimes you have to trust me. I am sure everyone had fun and it was cute to see Adrianna try to help him with his gifts and Jordan taking off with his Buzz Lightyear.
    We might have to play ball tonight when they come over.

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