Weight-loss Thursday

I didn’t have much faith that the scales would move in my favor this week.  This was mostly based on the fact that Brock’s birthday party was this past weekend and there would be cake. 

A former co-worker of mine once told me that the only reason that she ever attended a wedding was for the cake. 

And I fully support her decision. 

Cake is delicious. 

Mmmmmm . . . cake . . .

I also knew that we were going to take the kids out for breakfast at IHOP on Brock’s actual birthday (Sunday).  When I got back to work on Monday, it was one of my co-worker’s birthday so our boss bought lunch.  At a pasta place.  But I was (sort-of) good and had a sandwich.  But it was a sandwich that had bacon, cheese, ranch dressing and well, bread.  It had other stuff, too but those items were the really bad ones.  Then, Tuesday night, Brock really really wanted chicken nuggets and he guilting me into going to McDonald’s because I forgot (again–as he pointed out) to go by the grocery store and pick some up.  So we ate McDonald’s for supper on Tuesday.  I tried to be good and I did . . . . . okay.  I only ate a snack wrap and split a small order of french fries with Adrianna so I definitely wasn’t as bad as I wanted to be.

So I didn’t have much hope this morning as I stepped on the scale and waited to be mocked by my small bathroom appliance.  Much to my (pleasant) surprise I had actually lost a little weight this week!  As of today, I am down another 0.4 pounds which brings my grand total to -16.3 pounds!  This also puts me 5.2 pounds above my next mini-goal!  And considering all of the indulging that I did this week, I will definitely call that a win!

However, there is one major thing that I need to work on if I want to continue to see the scale move.

Hi, my name is Tara & I am an emotional eater. 

I don’t mean when I’m sad or mad because that is the quickest appetite killer for me.  If I’m mad, I don’t turn to food.  I turn to cleaning my kitchen.  It’s so strange but it’s something that I’ve always done when I get mad.  In fact, I remember one time when I was younger (in high school I think), I asked my mom if I could do something and she told me ‘no’.  I was extremely pissed and I promptly began cleaning the kitchen.  I decided it was a better option than punching the wall.

She told me that if she would have known that was all it takes to get me to clean, she would have started pissing me off a long time ago.

Aren’t moms the best?!

For me, emotional eating is when I’ve had a bad day at work or if the kids are being horrible I will justify eating at Burger King with, “I deserve this.  I’ve had a bad day.”  And it has to stop.  If I ever want to get to my goal-weight, I have got to stop justifying food with emotional exhaustion.  I have to start making healthy choices a priority rather than an after-thought.

So that’s my goal for this week.  Keep up with my food journal and make the conscious decision to remind myself that food is not a reward for being emotionally drained. 

Also, my bestie’s birthday is coming up in September (8th-just in case you wanted to buy her a present) and we are going out to celebrate the following weekend.  I have big plans to wear something cute & sexy (Greg will be with me so relax) and I really really want to lose that extra 5.2 pounds by then.  So that is my deadline.  Lose 5.2 pounds by Stephanie’s birthday party. 

But I will need some encouragement.  Anytime I whine about wanting something to eat that is bad for me, I need to be reminded that the deadline is ever closer. 

My cute outfit will be betrayed if I don’t lose that weight.

And I can’t have my closet hating me, now can I?  No, I cannot.


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