The difference between men & women

The other day at work, I was doing a case with one of the doctors.  She happens to be female.  We always talk about food.  I love to cook (and eat) she loves to eat.  We are not such a good combo.  She has a strict “one cookie per day policy”  meaning that she gets at least one cookie per day.  I love her.  As we were conducting the test on this utterly confused patient, we were talking about all of the delicious treats that come with fall cooking.

Pumpkin pies!

Caramel apples!

Delicious sweet breads!

Hearty soups!  In bread bowls!

You get the idea.

We finish the case and we are still daydreaming as we walk into the hallway.  When we get around the corner, the two other doctors are standing around talking (they happen to be men).  As we get closer, I begin hearing snippets of their conversation which goes a little something like this:

Man Doctor #1: whisper whisper iPhone whisper whisper

Man Doctor #2: I know!  whisper whisper my new App whisper whisper

Man Doctor #1: AWESOME!  I’m going to download that one right now!

This is the difference.  We (the girls) were daydreaming about cooking & eating & the coziness of fall and they (the boys) were comparing stupid-ass Apps for their iPhones.


Not me.

I’m not bitter that my husband won’t let me have an iPhone because “The only thing you will do on that thing is facebook and blog.  You have a computer for that and I’m not spending an extra $30/month just so you can play FarmVille!”


I tried to tell him that I would also check my e-mail and he still said no.

If the roles were reversed, I would let him have an iPhone.

But who’s keeping score?

I guess I will just keep making tasty treats and continue to live a bitter life of quiet desperation as my dreams of being technologically cool slip farther and farther out of my reach.



4 thoughts on “The difference between men & women

  1. Well, I agree with your husband about the IPhone. I think it is a raquet with Apple and ATT. Besides you are much better at cooking than technology, who cares about all those apps and alot of them cost money (one more way to get in your pocket!). Who am I to give advice, I have had my cell phone almost 4 years now and see no reason for trading it in unless something happens to it.

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