Something’s different around our house

What’s different, you ask?  Most notably . . . the increase in space in our living room!  Here is the “toy area” in our living room before:


 And after:


Obviously, this picture was taken in transition before everything was put away.  But still–it’s a huge improvement!

For a few weeks we have been talking about making the kids roomies & converting one of the kids’ bedrooms into a toy room.  Mostly we are tired of our house looking like Toys R Us puked inside our living room but we don’t have space in the kids’ rooms for all of their stuff.  We tossed around several ideas, one of which was bunk-beds.  We spent a few hours on Saturday going around to all of the furniture stores in town looking for one that would work.  We wanted two twin bunks (rather than twin-over-full since we have limited space to work with) that were sturdy & affordable.

By the time we got home, we had decided that our best bet was to make one. That way it could be the size we wanted as well as good quality lumber and craftsmanship. 

I offered to help and Greg said I could push the cart at Home Depot and take pictures.

I think that might take care of #76 on my list.

Pushing a cart through the lumber store is helping, right?

We were all set that we were going to build bunk-beds.  Then we started thinking about how Brock usually has to get up at least once in the night because he has to pee or he can’t find his brown dog or he is “firsty”.  Being 5 1/2 feet up in the air is probably not the best spot for him just yet.

Obviously we can’t put Sissy in the top bunk.  But even in the bottom bunk, with a rail, she would probably still fall out because she is all over her crib during the night and every morning she wakes us up by standing up & grabbing the crib railing and shaking it as hard as her chubby little hands can manage.  So, this is what we came up with.

Since all they do in their bedrooms is sleep, why not make it just that.  A room in which they can both sleep?

Brock's room before

Again, pardon the mess.  I realized I should be taking pictures once Greg had already moved quite a few things around.

Adrianna's room before

Since Adrianna’s old room was the smaller one, we chose to convert that one into the toy room.  Plus, the wall where the bookshelf & dresser are used to be an exterior wall but the previous owner added on a garage.  So her “window” used to look out into the garage.  Bleh.  When we were making her room into a nursery, we closed that window off and Greg built a bookshelf in its place!  Anyway, there is no natural light in that room so it would be better as a toy room.

After we moved every piece of furniture that the kids had in their rooms plus the two toy boxes (cubbies?  bins?) that were in the living room, here are the final results!

The "new" bedroom

We are definitely going to have to do something different with the colors in there.  All of Adrianna’s bedding is pink and Brock’s is Sponge Bob, Handy Manny & Toy Story (all of which happen to be blue).  Also, we were able to fit both of the kids’ beds as well as three dressers in their “new” room.  Obviously there is not tons of room to walk around but they have a brand-new toy room for that!

It is amazing how much cleaner the living room looks without having all of the toys scattered everywhere.  We are in the process of teaching Brock to pick up after himself anyway and it’s nice for him to know that all of his toys are in the same room (rather than in the living room or his bedroom).  I even caught him in there a few times yesterday playing.  By himself.  Now if I could just get Adrianna to follow suit.


16 thoughts on “Something’s different around our house

  1. Looks great! It’s nice having more space huh? We set up our dining room into the little guy’s play room, and his bedroom is just for sleeping as well. Can’t wait to see what you guys paint the walls. 🙂 A nice neutral green would look good in there.

    Just a side note- I think I personally would switch their beds. I’d be afraid A would pull on the shelves above the crib, but you know her better than I do. 🙂 Congrats again on having free space!

    • Yeah, I thought about that too. Especially when she woke up this morning and was babbling away. I thought, “Oh shit. She is putting books off the shelf!” Luckily she wasn’t but we may have to move it anyway because I’m paranoid 😀

      • Haha yeah I’m paranoid too. 🙂 I wouldn’t even let my parents put up a wall hanging over M’s bed because I was afraid he’d rip it down. 🙂

        • lol I thought the same thing about the shelves….but the rooms look great! How exciting to have your living room back. I’m still trying to figure out if the dining room or living room is more convenient for a play room. I move the toys back and forth on a weekly basis.

          • It is such a wonderful feeling to not see an explosion of toys the second we walk into the house. Although, looking at the wall now, I think we need to paint it. Maybe red? Haha, Greg is going to kill me!

            I guess we will switch the beds around since you are the SECOND person that has commented on my me throwing caution to the wind in regards to my child’s safety 😉

        • Too funny! He probably would! I guess the only reason that she didn’t do any damage last night (or this morning) is because she was completely worn out from all of the hustle! She followed us around all day long!

          • lol Greg thought this was a reorganization project….now it’s a redecorating project.

            Yeah you wouldn’t want someone on the bump finding this and causing thread upon thread of drama….or would you….lol

          • He is worse than me about this kind of stuff! Normally, I’m the one that’s trying to convince him that it’s good enough but he wants to make “one more little change”.

            You know I do love a good case of the dramz, but no. I wouldn’t want somebody calling CPS on me because my baby’s crib is below a bookshelf. I will get it changed, STAT. Scout’s honor.

  2. I think you made a good couse to stay with the beds they have
    you will love not having all thouse toys in one room good luck

  3. Not to mention the fact that when Greg is trying to study, you can take the kids in there to play and not be all over him. I wouldn’t be so worried about her pulling books down to hurt her as her eating them! You know how much she likes paper in her diet and those would be very tempting as a midnight snack.
    Hope they enjoy their new surroundings, when we were kids, we all 4 slept in the same room until Mike was old enough to move out. I never had a room to myself, see how spoiled my children are?
    Mom and Dad

    • Green will probably be what we go with. I wouldn’t want to go with yellow and “create a room the color that the largest number of arguments happen in.”

      Who can name that (paraphrased) quote??

      Only my muumuu friends will know, but c’mon ladies! I know we haven’t already forgotten!

      P.S. Thanks for the award! I will be writing about it in just a few minutes!

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