Blog Awards

Even though I like to pretend I am a serious writer (ha!), I know that in reality I am nothing more than a dime-a-dozen blogger just trying to spew my random thoughts out into the interwebs.  But, every now and then something comes along and validates me.  Like the days when I hit a record number of viewers on my blog or get more than 1 comment on a post.  (I’m pretty easy to impress.)  In this case, I received a blog award!  I was nominated by Emily over at Family & Life in Las Vegas and you may have heard me mention her before.  I will be doing a guest post for her blog later this week so when I post the link, be sure to head over there and tell her that I sent ya!

Now, on to the award!

There are a few rules that go along with receiving this award so here goes:

1) Thank the person that sent it to you.

  • A huge thank-you to Emily!  Most days I’m not sure that anybody reads my blog (okay, fine.  I know that some people do but only because wordpress tells me that they do) and I am incredibly honored to receive my first blog award!

2) Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation & experience using 5 words.

  • truth
  • candor
  • my crazy family

3) Pass it on to 10 other blogs that you know that have real substance.

Thanks again Emily!


10 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Actually you are the one that makes me want to make a blog! I just have not had the time yet but I am sure this week I will find some…….

        • Well, you should start one! If you want to write-then write! I love when I write something that actually means something to somebody else, ya know? It’s very rewarding. Plus, I have a lot to say and my family & co-workers get tired of listening to me blabber on. It was really born out of necessity so I could stop driving my family & friends crazy 😉

  2. Thanks, love!

    I’ll be sure to check out your guest post later this week.

    oh, & I totally love weird validation through number of comments or pageviews. We bloggers are attention whores, every single one of us 😉

    • Aw, good! I read your post this morning about work stuff being hectic and wondered if you had seen the award yet 😀

      I love your blog and the pics of little miss are too cute! Did you do your own web design? It’s amazing!

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