Rockin’ Green detergent & Gro Via diapers: Part 1

I had initially written this as one post but decided that it needed to be divided up.  The first part is about our start with cloth diapers and my rave about the brand we chose.  The second part is about the detergent that saved me.

At the end of last year, Greg and I (mostly me–Greg wasn’t all that excited) decided that we wanted to try to cloth diaper Adrianna.  At first, I was totally overwhelmed.  There are so many options!  Prefolds!  All-in-ones!  Snappis!  Snaps vs. velcro!  Wetbags!  Hemp!  Cotton!  Bamboo!  Ahhhhhh!!!  So, under the recommendation from some of my friends, we went to the Jillian’s Drawer’s website and found this.  And let me tell you something.  The folks over at JD’s have a wonderful system set up for overwhelmed parents that are new to cloth diapering. 

You pay a deposit of $148.94 (I know!  But hold on, it gets better).  Then they send you an awesome package in the mail (who doesn’t like getting packages!) that is full of cloth diapers.  All different brands, types, colors, etc.  When you place the order for the 21-day trial, you tell them how big your baby is and they put together a wonderful assortment of cloth diapers for you to try out!  They encourage you to dive in!  Put them on your baby’s tush, wash them, actually try them out and see what works best for you and your baby! 

One of the best parts about the system is the 21-day trial starts when you get the package–not when they ship it from their store.  So, you have 3 entire weeks to “play” with the goodies.  At the end of three weeks, you ship back what you don’t want and keep what you do.  They will refund your card the difference in the deposit and the price of the items that you chose to keep!  How easy is that?  And, if you don’t want to keep any of them–you are only out $10.  And trust me, $10 is worth it to not be stuck with a ton of cloth diapers that you (and your baby) don’t love.

Fluffy butt!

When we got our package in the mail, I could tell right away that there were a few that I wasn’t going to like.  And that’s okay!  I just put those back in the package so they were ready to be shipped back.  By far, my favorites were the GroVia (formerly GroBaby) diapers.  They have snap-in liners but velcro tabs that have a cloth back so you don’t have to worry about the tabs rolling up when they get washed.  The best thing about the GroVia diapers is that they boast a birth-to-potty sizing chart.  Which means . . . you don’t have to update sizes!  The diapers adjust to fit your child!

The snaps on the front allow the diaper to be either small (newborn size), medium (6-12ish months), or large (toddler size).  They come in a ton of cute colors as well!  We have the kiwi (pictured above), vanilla, blackberry & mandarin.  But the wildflowers & seaside stripe are next on my list.

I was totally in love with our new system.  Our babysitter was willing to try the cloth so it was wonderful!  We were going to be cloth diapering full-time!

Until we hit a snag.

Y’all.  If you don’t already know, what a sweet little baby deposits into a cloth diaper stinks.  And I don’t just mean the immediate–OHMYGOD!  WHAT DID YOU FEED THAT CHILD?!  I mean that the ammonia in urine lingers.  Poop stains don’t always come out on the first wash.  And we only have enough cloth diapers to diaper full-time for a few days before I have to do laundry again.  Greg finally put his foot down and demanded that we either stop cloth diapering or somehow get rid of the stench.  So, I tried washing them right away.  I tried a few other detergents.  I started wrapping the diapers in plastic bags while they sat in the laundry hamper but that sort of defeats the purpose of being eco-friendly.  Soooo, I decided that we would take a break from cloth.  Greg was happy.  He didn’t have to scrap poop into the toilet anymore!  But I was not.  We had a great starter-stash and they were going to waste!

Then a few weeks ago, an answer was presented to me.  Stay tuned to find out what it was!

Disclaimer:  Jillian’s Drawers, Rockin’ Green detergent & GroVia diapers did not pay me to write this post.  Nor did they give me any other incentive.  These are my 100% honest-to-goodness opinions.  I’m not saying that I would turn down some free cloth diapers, but they just didn’t offer any to me.  Yet.


3 thoughts on “Rockin’ Green detergent & Gro Via diapers: Part 1

  1. We’ve thought so many times about trying cloth, but it is sooo overwhelming! That trial pack is such a neat idea! Can’t wait to see your solution to the stink problem!

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