Weight-loss Thursday

2 pounds!  2 pounds!  2 pounds!  Hooray!  I lost 2 pounds this week!  That brings my total weight loss to -18.3 pounds!  I am still not sure that I can lose the 3.2 pounds that I need to reach my second mini-goal.  I would really really love to get there by next week but I know that reaching that goal would involve some not-so-healthy techniques and I am avoiding those at all costs.  The point of my weight-loss journey is to not only lose the weight, but to keep it off.  Therefore–no unhealthy eating (or starvation) allowed.

Part of this incredibly slow process are ups and downs.  The weeks that I lose are fantastic.  They leave me feeling so incredibly motivated and with a renewed faith in myself that I can, in fact, get to my goal weight.  The weeks that I stagnate or worse, gain (gah!) leave me feeling much less confident.  But, they also remind me that it’s okay to stumble.  The important thing is to get back up.  To pack your lunch with so many veggies that you don’t have room for an extra-large brownie.  To say yes to exercising when all you really want to do is curl up in your jammies and eat a bowl of ice cream on the couch.

Next Thursday, I’m anticipating a good weigh-in.  I only have to be extra careful on Saturday when we go out for Dad’s birthday.  Other than that, I will be doing the cooking this week and can control what we have for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  I’m working on a menu-planning post and seeing the week’s meals lined out is a good tool for me.  It keeps me on point.  It reminds me that I don’t need to bake a German chocolate cake from scratch (and eat half of it the second it’s cool enough to scarf down) because it’s not on the menu.  It reminds me to set out chicken breasts the night before so they will be ready for me to grill along with some fresh veggies.  It reminds me to go to the damn grocery store and buy Brock’s chicken nuggets so I don’t have McDonald’s as a back-up.

However, a week from Saturday is my bestie’s birthday party and while I fully intend shakin’ what my momma gave me (which, ironically, isn’t much in the way of a bootie), I’m not sure that I will burn off all the calories that I will be ingesting that night.  So I will probably see the scale tip in an unfavorable way that week.  But that’s okay.  My best friend doesn’t turn 28 every year (although I’m sure we will be revisiting that year again in the future) and it is my duty to help her celebrate by getting piss-ass drunk sipping Chardonnay.

So dear readers, this is where I want you to tell me: What times of year do you allow yourself to stray from a weight-loss/diet/exercise plan for the sake of a good time?  Is there any particular time when it’s okay to over-indulge or not?


4 thoughts on “Weight-loss Thursday

    • Whaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’m . . . shocked! Who turned on the computer for you?! Who showed you how to find me?!

      Maybe I will make that German Chocolate Cake. Just for you pumpkin. Hurry back! We miss you bunches!

  1. Hey, leave my butt out of your negative posts. Shawna said she would get butt implants but is afraid it would be too painful! Anyway, I have nice legs so no one looks at my butt! When do I allow myself to eat what I want? Well, most any time but now that they have figured out it is my thryoid, I have started loosing and haven’t really done anything different. I think the winter is the hardest, I could almost be a vegan in the summer, tomatoes, peppers, corn, zukes, peas, all the different squash, melons, peaches, yummy!! Just need a little meat mixed in and I am good to go. BUT between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the absolute worse! All that yummy food and not hardly a salad in sight, but the desserts are so yummy.

    • Four words for you: Grandma. Liz’s. homemade. caramels.


      And it wasn’t intended to be a negative post. I had 4 exclamation points in the first line! I lost 2 pounds! I’m excited!

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