In which I realize how I’m the most un-neighborly neighbor. Ever.

This evening Greg was outside working on the lawn mower and a man walked up and started talking.  Brock wanted to go outside and see who Daddy was talking to and, frankly, so did I.  He gets his nosy gene from his momma.  We stood outside for a few minutes and Brock quickly grew bored with their conversation about where the man went to college, where they grew up, etc. so we wandered off.  When the mystery man left, I walked back over to Greg and asked him who it was.

Turns out it is one of our neighbors.

And not a new one.

One that has lived 5 houses down the road from us for over 5 years.

And he delivers our (free) newspaper.

I suck a being neighborly.

I think I should take him a jar of my homemade jam in the form of an apology.

Actually, I think I will continue to sit at my computer eating all of the jam that I made today while blogging about how I suck at being neighborly.


4 thoughts on “In which I realize how I’m the most un-neighborly neighbor. Ever.

  1. Shame on you! What is your favorite part of moving into a new neighborhood, going to a new church? Huh? I know, it is to be given a gift of food. Man, you need to move back home and your Dad and I will teach you some manners.

  2. I’m right there with you. Our neighbers next door know my name, where I work and what I do. I know them as “Big guy in red pick up truck” and “Nice woman who knows my name”.

    • Ha! This actually made me LOL! I love the “nice woman who knows my name.” Like she has no other defining qualities about herself. Just that she is nice and that she knows your name.

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