Guest post

Be sure to head over to Family & Life in Las Vegas where I’m guest blogging today.

Fine, it was posted on Saturday, but I’ve told you before–I’m a procrastinator! 

Go check her out & leave lots of wonderful comments on my post.  Feel free to gush about my beauty, my witty sense of humor, my charisma, etc. 

Lie if you have to!  I just want good feedback!

Fine.  I’m kidding.


But seriously, go read her stuff.  She is on vacation and was sweet and lined up a whole slew of guest bloggers to fill in for her.  Who knows?  You might find somebody that you like better than me over there.


That could never happen.


Please don’t leave me!


4 thoughts on “Guest post

  1. I love how she described you! To a “T” (haha, sometimes I am too funny).
    Great post, I am sure she loved it. Not so sure about her followers!

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