Making a commitment

Yesterday, I registered Greg and myself for the Susan G. Komen 5K.  I have always wanted to be a runner but I have a slight problem.  I hate it.  I hate the way my lungs feel like they are going to explode.  I hate the way I get a stitch in my side after 0.5 miles.  I hate the way my muscles scream for me to stop but my competitive nature won’t allow me to quit so I end up limping around for several days afterward.

But, more than I hate running, I hate cancer.

Every year I donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation and they always send me a thank-you gift like return address labels that are pink & brown (and are uber-cute) or a to-do list pad with a magnet on the back which is perfect for my grocery list.  I have bought several of the pink bracelets (a la LiveStrong but pink) in support of research for a cure.

I loved participating in the Relay for Life when I was in high school.  Several people in my family have had cancer and it is a pretty amazing thing when they light the candles for those that have either succumbed to or survived the horrible disease.  It is amazing to watch as families cling to each other as they do the walk in remembrance of a loved one.  It is amazing to see the pride on a survivor’s face each time they complete a lap.

But what would be more amazing would be a cure.  A sure-fire way to end cancer.  A little something that health care professionals can have tucked in their back pocket and be able to say, “Mrs. Smith you have breast cancer.  But, there’s good news.  We can cure it.  You won’t miss your granddaughter’s wedding.  You won’t miss your great-grandchild’s birth.  You won’t miss your 50th wedding anniversary celebration with the love of your life.  We can fix it.”

More than I hate running, I hate cancer.

And I’m practicing for two weeks so that on September 19th, I can run.  So that I can support the people who work to find a cure.  So that I can support the victims and survivors of cancer.  So that less families have to celebrate another holiday without someone who they love.

I’m running because I hate cancer.


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