Dear Adrianna,

The pre-5 am wake-up call was less than appreciated this morning.  As was your decision to forgo a nap yesterday afternoon.  Yes I know that it was my own fault that I went out on Saturday and partook in multiple adult beverages.  But you do remember me, right?  It’s me.  Momma. 

The woman who let you grow inside my body and nourished you for the first 9 months before you entered this world? 

The woman who got up and fed you every 90 minutes the first few months of your life? 

The woman who continued to get up with you multiple times in the night when your sweet little ears hurt? 

The woman who chases you down the hallway as you run away squealing with delight?


The woman who so desperately needed you to take a nap yesterday so I could take a nap myself.  And who also needed you to sleep past 5:30 this morning.

Let’s do better tomorrow, m’kay?  Now, be a good little girl and get momma  a very large cup of coffee.  Love you, precious girl.




6 thoughts on “

    • I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s what she is doing 😀

      And, perhaps she needs an MRI for her memory loss because I am not the child that didn’t sleep! I was usually home an hour before curfew!

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