I had a wake-up call last night at the gym.  I have been pushing my non-athletic ass harder than I have in the last several years because I don’t want to disappoint embarass myself at the 5K on Sunday.  I know that I said I was just going to do the best I could, but then I realized: that is stupid.  I know I said that I would slow down if Greg needed to, but I kept pushing myself at the gym because I don’t want to lose to him.  I’m not really sure when we became so incredibly competitive with each other but some days, I swear, I would rather chew off my own arm than lose to my husband.

I’m such a grown-up.

Last night, reality hit me like a ton of bricks.  Monday night I did 4 miles on the treadmill.  Afterward, I was walking (okay, fine.  I was limping) on cloud 9.  I marveled at how much my endurance had increased in just over a week.  I was damn proud of myself.  Despite the fact that my legs ached like they hadn’t in years, I felt amazing.

On Tuesday, I had been whining at work about how sore and fatigued my legs were but I was forced encouraged to run again last night.  So I did.  And I made it to 2 miles before I started to cry. 

I really wish I were kidding. 

I have shin splints so bad, the pain was shooting up into my knees with every step.  At 1.5 miles I thought I could push through the pain.  I was forced to re-think that when I began to stumble and finally gave in at the 2-mile mark.  I called my bestie (who is also a nurse) and asked her what to do and she told me to take Ibuprofen and soak in Epsom salt (which I forgot to do.  I’m probably the best patient evah.)  When I got home, I whined to Greg and he gave me some tips.  Some were more helpful than others.  One of the less helpful ones?  “Wrap your legs with ACE bandages.”  When I asked if that actually worked, his response was, “How should I know?  Do I look like a doctor?”

Ah, marriage.  Some days I really feel like murder would be justified.

(If you are a cop, I’m totally kidding.)(Mostly.)

After I whined some more, he finally had enough and gave me the (figurative) bitch-slap that I needed.  He said, “I’m not going to run this with you if you keep this up.  It’s not a race.  You are not a professional athlete.  You don’t need to win this thing.  You said you were going to run it with me, not against me.”

Then I gave him my best “I’m so wounded & sad that you would say something so mean” look and he totally fell for it and rubbed my aching legs.

Running is not getting easier (as I was promised it would) but the reward is getting greater.

Do shin splints count as a reward?

Because I haz them and they are ouchie.


6 thoughts on “Running

  1. I don’t know who in our family (well immediate) is a runner. You know I am not. You have heard my softball stories of why I learned at an early age if you hit a home run you can walk (well not really but you know). I don’t think I would run out of the house if it was on fire because I can’t. Anyway, I am just proud of you for signing up for the Susan Komen Run! Great cause and a true reason to give of yourself. Who cares where you finish, there are others out there just like you. Now you know why I told you I would walk a 5K but never run one.

  2. I cant help on the shin splints and well, I cant find the motivation to get *myself* running again but…

    I was the girl who walked the mile in grade school.
    I was the girl who took summer school PE in high school so I wouldnt be graded for running.

    Then about 5 years ago I started running for some reason. And I found out I liked it! Then I got pregnant and quit at about 5mos.

    I am not gonna lie. I didnt do squat betweem I and E. But when E was about 8mos I started running again. And outside. Ohhhh outside! It was awesome. I got ADDICTED to RUNNING. Pure craziness! Now, I am talking 3-4mi runs that were 25-40min, nothing earth shattering. But I loved it.

    I even went for a run before our annual float trip last year! Good thing, cuz that was pretty much my last one 😦 My toe got broke on the float… then I was pregnant. Again. With Pubic Symphasis Disorder, so walking was a challenge.

    Anyhow, lesson being, dont overdo it, but dont let yourself stop either!!

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