We’re having another BABY!!!!!

Gotcha suckers!

But seriously–that’s what Brock has been telling everybody at daycare for

. . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . .

the past 2 weeks.

I will not kill my child.  I will not kill my child.  I will not kill my child.

Wednesday evening, I went to the babysitter’s house to pick up the kids and after we talked for a few minutes she looks at me and says, “Okay I’m just gonna ask.”

Me: Okay . . .

Her: Are you pregnant?

Me: {As my face turns 14 shades of red & I melt into a puddle of liquid embarrassment} Aw, man!  I’ve actually been losing weight.  Do I look pregnant?

Her: Oh no I don’t think you look pregnant.  But Brock has been telling everybody that ‘Mommy and Daddy are having another baby’

Me: Well, we are not.

Her: Well that little booger!  He has been telling everybody that!  Even the other parents are talking about it.

I will not kill my child.  I will not kill my child.  I will not kill my child.

Her: He told me that it you were having a girl and he even said you guys had a name picked out!

Me:    . . . .

Her:  . . . .

Me: Brock!  Why did you tell Betty that we are having another baby?!

Brock:  Because!  I want you to!

And then he smiled the biggest, most devilish smile.

I died.

The end.

Don’t worry.  I’m not pregnant.  The stick I peed on Wednesday night said so.  I’m taking the money that I spent on a pregnancy test out of his piggy bank simply based on principle.

25 thoughts on “We’re having another BABY!!!!!

  1. Hahaha!! Too funny, he said he didn’t want you to have a baby this morning and said he is not ornery! Me thinks different. He said that with that little sweet smile he has. And he looks so innocent as he sits here watching Dora.
    Mom and Dad

  2. I knew you wouldnt put it out there so easily!


    And FYI- Dollar Tree has pregnancy tests. For a dollar. When you are pregnant as often as me, you learn these things : )

    (and I am NOT pregnant right now, FTR)

    • Ha! I did think of you as I was peeing on a stick. Only because I feel like you’ve cursed me with your “Oh, it’s too early to test. Do it again in a week!”

      Good to know about the $1 tests. Maybe next time I can save Brock a few bucks 😀

      Also, did you do this comment under a different name? Or have I been replying to another Sara and thinking it was you??

  3. I told my mom we were going to have another baby. This was a few years after my brother was born. She said no mom and dad aren’t having anymore. I said very defiantly well if God wants you to have another then you’re going to have another! Little did they know they’re 5 year old was psychic because not too long after my mom found out she was pregnant with my little sister. LOL Not saying that’s your situation, just thought I’d share!

  4. Poor little guy, you might as well just make him a big brother. The more the merrier, right?

    Okay, am I a total idiot or why can’t I figure out how to follow you? WordPress scares me.

  5. That is hilarious!!!!! Classic. I wanted to follow you back from Hop Along Friday, but I don’t see a box. I did follow you on twitter 🙂 Love your blog and good luck with the fitness program. It looks like you are doing great!!!

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