It’s the little things

Lately, Brock has been sorta  . . . crazy.  I’m not sure if he can sense that the weather is about to change and he will be forced inside for the duration of winter or what.  But between him and his sister, I’ve been pulling my hair out.

Literally, my hair is falling out.

I may need a wig soon.

This picture, right here?  We bought his Halloween costume on Saturday and we were going to surprise him with it next weekend.  He found it and decided he needed to “twy it on, Mom”. 

We, very stupidly, let him.

For the next hour, he morphed into a weird little 3-foot, mean version of Buzz Lightyear who thought his dad was Evil Emporer Zurg.  We spent the next hour laughing (and crying) at our insane little man.  He pulled out every trick he had to beat his dad into submission.

The flying cannon-ball:

The pillow-toss:

The “fwip”: (where Brock actually did a standing front flip and landed on his dad)

The only thing that gives me peace about the fact that I had a miniature version of my husband is that he has to deal with him too.

And that makes me laugh.

A lot.


10 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Ok, so here is your chance to dress in matching outfits. There are plenty of characters in Toy Story that you all could dress in something from the movie! And at least you have KFJ to send him to one night a week to get rid of some of that energy! Maybe Nan will have to take them to the gym to run some days.
    He looks super cute in his costume by the way.
    Nan and Papa

    • We already have it all planned out who is going to be which Toy Story character. But I can’t reveal it just yet. Halloween is still over a month away which means I have just enough time to order the rest of our costumes!

  2. So I think you should enroll him in basketball camp cause that kid can get some air!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I used the decipoint on that one…I live life on the edge) Those pictures are soooooo cute. Brock is like a little jumping bean. I love it!!

  3. Haaaa! LOL LOVE IT! Calendi, take note. This is like looking at “Future Devon” (perhaps Tara will let you borrow the costume…heh heh). Only, I can see Devon clapping for himself after every “stunt”. :). Brock is quite the character, he is! – and smarter than the average little bear for sure!

    • Aw, thanks! We like to think that he is pretty smart. But, with the brain comes the devilish tendencies. I’m really surprised that he hasn’t broken a bone yet (crosses fingers that I didn’t just jinx us!)

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