Random things I found in my phone

I have this weird thing about putting things in the “memo” section of my phone.  Usually it is stuff that I think is funny/random/weird that I want to blog about later.  Sometimes it’s cute things the kids do or say that I want to add to their baby books.  Sometimes it’s what I ate for breakfast so I can put it in my online food journal.  The problem with the memo section on my particular phone is that, while it will hold 100 different memos, each individual memo can only be 100 characters. 

This includes spaces, people! 

It’s even less than Twitter (which is limited to 140 for those that still don’t Twitter.  It’s okay.  I jumped on the bandwagon less than a month ago.  Come to the dark side.)

My biggest problem with the 100 character maximum is that I’m always, “Oh it’s okay!  I will totally remember what I was talking about!  I just need to leave myself a few words that will trigger the memory!”

And then I go back through my phone and I find gems like this:

“Pancake boobs. Toy Story.”

4 words. 

I have no clue why they are paired together and what the hell I was going to write about.

Then there is this one:

“Hollywood glamorous”

Again.  I have no clue what I was thinking when I put that in my phone.  I even called my best friend about that one and she was just like, “Well you are pretty random & normally I get you but even I don’t understand that one.”

This next one I actually remembered but not right away:

“Booze & condoms.  9 months to the day.”

Earlier this week we were in Sam’s printing off a few pictures for Greg’s mom’s (belated) birthday gift.  As we were getting ready to walk to the register, a dude cuts in front of us.  Normally, we would be a little miffed but then we saw his items.

1) A 1/2 gallon of vodka. (Because you cannot get a normal size portion of anything at Sam’s.)

2) A economy pack (there were at least 20 in there) of Trojan condoms.

Greg and I just looked at each other and Greg said, “Wow.  Looks like he is going to have a helluva night.”

To which I replied, “We should tell him to set a reminder on his phone for 9 months from today so he knows to be at the hospital to meet his baby.”

I think he might have over-heard us because as he turned around and had a look of absolute horror on his face.

But he did walk out of the store with his purchases so I guess he was just going to take his chances.


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