Toddler Talk Thursday

Welcome to the ninth week of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom talk all things Toddler!

Toddler Talk Thursday was created as a place for moms and dads of toddlers to come together over a weekly topic and share ideas, go-to toys, or products. It is a great way to meet other bloggers of toddlers. Each week the topic will be different; we invite you to link up, share your weekly Toddler Talk!!

Each week the hosts will travel around to each blog that links up, and pick an idea, story, or picture they think was a great example of that week’s topic. In order to qualify for this you need to blog about this week’s topic, and follow the hosts. Comments letting us know you are participating are always great too. If we choose your blog, we will link back to your post the following week.

The highlighted blogs this week are:
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Love the idea to try to use yogurt as finger paints.

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Love the Ivory Soap Painting

This week’s topic is Discipline.

Oiy.  I feel like I could write a book on toddler discipline.  Not any informative, here’s-what-you-do-when-your-toddler-is-acting-up book.  It would be more like here’s-what-I-did-when-my-kids-are-grating-on-my-last-effing-nerve book. 

Because they do. 

A lot.

Know what I mean?  Of course you do.  You read my blog and know how insane it gets around our house.

See what I mean? Craziness.

Before we had kids, we would joke about how we would discipline them.  Various forms of humiliation were always a hit, like walking around downtown wearing a sandwich board that says, “I’m an idiot.  Ask me why.” 

Obviously, this type of punishment will be saved for when the kids are teenagers and taking cell phones and car keys away aren’t getting the point across.

But seriously, now that the kids are here, we’ve decided that we don’t want our children to hate us for eternity and, so far, they haven’t pushed us to the point of using public humiliation against them yet, so here are some of the things that we do.

Adrianna gets told “no” a lot and gets her attention redirected.  If this doesn’t work, she gets a light tap on the hand.  Just enough to get her attention and to drive the point home that what she is doing (or about to do) is not okay.  (Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for spanking, but the punishment should fit the crime, so to speak) We also say things like, “Hot!  Ouch!” when she is reaching for the stove (even if it is off so she will be less tempted to touch it when it is on).  She is very persistent though, so usually one of us has to pick her up and move her away from whatever she is trying to get into.  If these things don’t work, she gets a light swat on the tush (which, thanks to the diaper, I’m sure she barely feels) and gets put in a time-out for about 1 minute. 

TNT knows drama?  No.  Adrianna knows drama.  When she gets put in time-out, she throws herself on the floor & (fake) cries.  Every few seconds, she will look up to see who is looking and, if she deems it necessary, she will cry louder.

Adrianna is also getting bad about stealing toys from Brock.  She has begun to zero in on his favorites and tries to take those first.  Most times, I try to let them work it out themselves, but if they are really getting into it and not backing down, then I will intervene.

Since Brock has stolen the spotlight in the last few “Toddler Talk” posts, I will give him a break.  For now.


9 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Thursday

  1. I haven’t tried time outs yet….so far saying no and redirecting attention have worked. I have had a couple moments where I felt I could’ve given him a time out. I don’t think he’d stay in the area I put him in though…I guess he’d have to learn that too. I have a feeling we’ll be using time outs soon though. He seems to push the limits a little more now than he did even just a few weeks ago.By the way, I LOVE that picture of Brock and Greg!

    • Do you have a pack ‘n play? If you have one (or the space to set one up & leave it), you might try that. My MIL has a pnp at her house in leiu of a crib for Adrianna and if she needs a “cool-down” she will put her in there for just a few minutes. Or a fenced-in play yard thing-y. Just somewhere that they are isolated but safe, ya know?

    • Well well. Look who decided to show up and say something.

      And, the funniest thing in months?! Dude. Has it been months since you read my blog? No. It has not. I’m funny 24/7. You better recognize.

      Feel free to use the sandwich board idea when you and the Mrs. finally decide to jump on the baby bandwagon 😀

  2. Oh I didn’t think about that. I have the pnp permanently set up to block off the diningroom to kitchen doorway when I need to keep him in one room. I may try that if needed.

  3. So, it seems like we’re all basically at a loss for toddler discipline. lol

    Thanks for following my blog! I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I don’t know how to follow a wordpress blog.

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