Weight-loss Thursday

After my admission of the amount of calories I had consumed just by snacking on Tuesday, I was afraid to step on the scale this morning.  I was afraid that my friend was right.  I say my friend, because y’all, she really is my friend.  She was only being as mean to me as I would have been to her if she posted weekly on her blog about weight loss then posted on facebook about stuffing her face with fun-size candy bars.  I deserved it and wasn’t at all upset with her for keepin’ it real.  Because, honestly?  I would have done the same to her.

Now, let’s shift our focus off of my mean friend and back to my fat ass.  And hips.  And waist.  And arms.

Yesterday I was good.  I drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast (mixed with skim milk) in the morning, ate my salad at lunch and nearly drowned myself with water.  I didn’t order chicken wings at work when my co-workers did (but I did sneak one from Santa and they were divine).  I didn’t eat an extra-large heaping portion of garlic mashed potatoes last night like I really really wanted to.

The result?

I’m down 1.8 pounds this week!  Hip hip hooray!

This brings my total weight loss to: -17.7 pounds!  This also means that I’m only 2.8 pounds away from my next mini-goal!  I’m so glad to be back on track and actually making progress for the last two weeks.

Since we are on the subject of goals, let’s have a little chat about a goal that I’m dreading but I know that it has to at least be somewhere near the front of my tiny brain.

Today is September 30.  Which means, obviously, that tomorrow is October 1.  Which means that there is only a month until my kids’ trick-or-treat buckets will be filled to the brim with tempting little goodies.  Brock is already “practicing” trick-or-treating and Adrianna knows to carry her pumpkin basket around and hold it out while screaming something unintelligible like, “Dooooo dadadadada deeeeeeeee!” at the top of her tiny little lungs.  They might still be little, but my gosh are they powerful.

Here is the problem.

Brock hates nuts.  Actually, in his words he “can’t wike dem”.  Adrianna can’t eat nuts because I’m neurotic and terrified of her choking.

This means that all of the Snickers (which happen to be my favorite candy bar of all time) have to be consumed. 

This means that PayDays will be left untouched by the chubby little hands of my kids. 

Greg will get his fair share; don’t worry.  But this also means that I am going to have to exhibit some serious self-control in about a month.  I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to do this.  I’m going to try.  But it’s so hard!  And those fun-size candy bars are the devil.  You think you are doing okay because they are small!  They are a fraction of the calories as the regular size bars!  It’s okay if I eat two seven twelve! 

Then before you know it, your ass is jiggling more than Santa’s belly and your hands are shaking from the pure sugar that is pulsing through your body. 

Fun-size candy bars are a gateway drug.

I can get through Halloween.  I can get through Halloween.  I can get through Halloween.

What are your biggest temptations?  Are you a carboholic with a side-addiction of chocolate like me?  Or is there something else out there that once you start, you can’t stop?  Let me in, people.  I wanna know your weaknesses.  Mostly so I can torture you with them later, but still.  Share.  Please?

Disclaimer: To those that know me in real-life and are planning on my family coming to trick-or-treat at your house, please don’t make me my kids suffer and give me them apples or toothbrushes.  I They need candy.  Especially Snickers & PayDays.


10 thoughts on “Weight-loss Thursday

  1. Enjoy on Halloween. Then GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE. Trash it (and dump greasy and dirty diapers on top so you wont be (as) tempted to dig it out. Or send it with Greg.

    If I could identify ONE temptation I wouldnt have 40lbs to lose. Pretty much carbs though, yeah. And stuff like pumpkin rolls. And cookies and brownies. Pizza. Chinese food. Noodles. BREAD. Lots of bread….

    • Oh the dirty diapers on top is seriously hard core. It would be . . . wasteful.

      And, pumpkin rolls? They have been calling my name for months. It’s going to be a sad Holiday season. Luckily, I live vicariously through cooking. When I can’t eat, I cook and shove it off on other people! It’s very therapeutic for me.

  2. Well, you can send the Paydays to me and the Snickers to your dad, that will take care of any temptation and we are not bothered by something like calories or weight. They are our friends!!!
    Tell Brock and Adrianna, Nan and Papa will trade them any candy that they don’t want for something they do want. We will set up a barter store at the house just for them!
    Nan and Papa

  3. My biggest vice is candy. I’m sure that’s pretty well known by now. lol. I’m not a big chocolate fan (which is good since chocolate has calories). I just love sugar. Oh and by the way, I finished that box of Mike N Ikes yesterday….Mmmm. Jillian would be proud. I’m EXCITED about Halloween this year because Devon will give me all of his candy 😀

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