I will never be Betty Crocker. Or Pioneer Woman.

Last night I got the hair-brained brilliant idea to make monster cookies.  I had been browsing through Pioneer Woman’s website and saw the recipe and was inspired.  I had most of the ingredients at home, the kids were spending the night with Greg’s parents & Greg was studying for his final.

Perfect!  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, it’s funny you should ask. 

This is what they were supposed to look like:

Warm.  Gooey.  Delicious.  Fluffy.

And here is what mine looked like:

Flat.  Hole-y. Chewy. Bleh.

Also?  Even though it looks like a small child’s hand that is, in fact my fat, stubby little hand. 

Please continue to love me despite the fact that I have carnie hands.

Please?  I will give you some of my gross tasty cookies if you promise.

Mmmmmmmm. See! It's easy if you pretend they are delicious!

Last night as Greg was trying to study and I was pouting about my kitchen disaster, he finally caved & ate one.  We were discussing why the cookies turned out so flat and it hit me.  I left out the oats.  I remember thinking that there wasn’t too much flour in them but I though, meh.  It’s Pioneer Woman!  She wouldn’t lead me astray.

She didn’t.

I just can’t read.

I brought a ton of them into work today and everybody said they didn’t taste as bad as I let on.  So, I guess that’s a win, right?

Now, who wants some cookies?!


12 thoughts on “I will never be Betty Crocker. Or Pioneer Woman.

    • Oh sugar-less cookies would be terrible! Mine were still edible, but still. How freaking hard is it to remember oats?! I even bought them because I didn’t have them at home! Sheesh!

  1. Ha, that is so funny, remember the time we made pumpkin pies for the family Thanksgiving and forgot the sugar and no one said anything because they had so much whipped cream on them, they didn’t miss it! Of course, that is not my family (other side!). Only made that mistake once, wait, did I put it in for Craft Day. Just kidding, that was the first ingredient I put in for them.
    Nan and Papa

  2. LOL Carnie hands!! Not that you have carnie hands….at least not my idea of what they’d look like. Anyway, I had to share a little story as usual 😀 (no punctuation) In my 8th grade home ec class we were supposed to make cookies for these kids who were less fortunate than us. So I chose chocolate chip cookies…easy right? I guess I didn’t put enough flour in them, and they turned out tasting like baking soda. The teacher never said they sucked but she sent them home with me instead of giving them to the kids. It didn’t hit me at first why mine didn’t go, but then I was handing them out to friends and I ate one and was like oh my goodness these are nasty. Then it hit me that they were supposed to go to these kids and mine were the only ones sent home with me LOL.

    I’m still typing long comments by the way to continue working off the box of Mike N Ike’s I ate the other day while reading your blog!

  3. Those cookies are SUPPOSED TO look delicious! I’d probably have the same result as you the first time around. I always find that new recipes are better after two or three tries.

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