Craft fair goodies

Today was the annual craft fair at my little home town.  Greg had originally planned to come with us, but he ended up having to help his dad harvest beans at the last-minute.  The kids and I picked up my sister right after she got off work and we headed “home”.

Items that made the top of our to-do list, were:

1. Get a caramel apple from the apple wagon

2. Get hot apple cider from the apple wagon

3. Ride the horse wagon

4. Eat at the burger shack

5.Ride the horse wagon

6. Eat a slice (or five) of homemade pie

7. Walk off all of the calories in items 1, 2, 4 & 6 by pushing two children in a stroller through un-paved roads

8. Ride the horse wagon

9. Look for cutie-pie handmade crafts without spending a fortune

10. Ride the horse wagon

Can you guess which of those were Brock’s requests?

I will give you a hint: it didn’t have anything to do with food or crafts.

If that kid asked me once, he asked me four hundred times to ride the wagon being pulled by the damn horses.

All of my requests were related to food.

Luckily, I walked my tail off today and I didn’t get to eat any pie which I’m pissed about.  But I will be comforted when I step on the scale Thursday morning 😀

Also?  I found the cutest little wooden benches for super cheap!  Yay!  I let Brock pick it out and he told me he chose it because there was a spot for him and a spot for his sister.  That is the sort of thing that keeps that kid alive.  One minute, I’m ready to choke him if he asks me one.more.time to ride the “horsie wagon” and the next, he is telling me that he wanted a bench big enough for him and his sister.


I paid $10 for that little beauty and, since I was the one that carried it back to the car, I can tell you that it is high quality.  The kids spent the better part of the afternoon climbing on that thing and never once did it tip or tilt at all.  It is half of a tree trunk with legs attached.  It.Is.Awesome.

Do you SEE the level of cuteness that I'm dealing with?!

The vendor also had one pint-sized rocking chair.  One!  I really wanted it but knew that I would start WWIII if I brought one chair home to two children.  My momma didn’t raise no fool.

I’m also still really mad about not getting any slices of pie today.  I guess I will have to comfort myself with the last of my failed monster cookies.

All ten of them.


10 thoughts on “Craft fair goodies

  1. A friendly reminder to print out every post you write. Your kids are definitely going to want to see all that you’ve written. Heaven forbid if WordPress ever crashes or goes out of business.

    • Blasphemy! I’m not sure what I would do if WordPress permanently went down. I’m sure I would spend several days rocking back and forth in a corner of a padded room.
      I most definitely should back all of these up.
      You know how much I hate hospitals 😀

  2. Oh, how cute my grandchildren are!! Glad you had a good time there and They loved riding the horses. I will pass this information on to the powers that be. Hope they did not run out of pies. Man I baked 8 of them and hope they sold all of them! Might stop by tonight, I have one left in the fridge!

  3. OOH, darn it to hell. When we went they were all packing up.. if had seen a bench like that i soo would have swiped it.. a good time out bench if ya ask me hehe!!

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