Men are confusing

Since we’ve been using Angel Food Ministries & I’ve been menu-planning in an attempt to 1) cook all of the food that we get from AFM & 2) eat healthier by not eating chicken nuggets for every meal, my kitchen has been used more in the last two months than during the entire 7 years that we have lived in our house.

Don’t get me wrong–I love to cook (& eat).  I just hate cleaning up after myself.  In the past it was always easier to make things that were convenient.  Like hamburger helper.  Or frozen pizza.  Or PB&J.

But now?  Now I have a reason (besides my children) to cook meals.  Real food with meat & veggies.  Sometimes I get a little crazy and throw in some pasta for kicks. 

This weekend, I was asking Greg if he thought I should make meatloaf on Sunday or Monday and do you know what he said to me?

After years of pissing and moaning about how I never cooked?

He had the nerve to say, “What is up with you and this cooking fetish lately?”

First of all, it’s not a fetish.  ::shudders::

Second of all, is he not the one that was complaining just a few months ago about how he wishes that I would cook more?  So that he can take leftovers in his lunch?  So that there is dinner (nearly) every night?  So that when the kids get older they brag about what an amazing chef their momma is?  So that we (I) can host Thanksgiving dinner for both of our families within the next few years?

His new complaint?

We are running out of room in the refrigerator.

My solution?

Eat faster because I’m going to make stuffed Pork Chops tomorrow night.


10 thoughts on “Men are confusing

  1. I love it! My guys gripe about leftovers but seem to love them when we need something quick to eat. Leave it to them to want the best of both worlds. Way to go on the cooking!

    • I even packed him a meatloaf sandwich this morning (which he loves) and said, “See? If I wouldn’t have made that last night, what would you eat today?” He just rolled his eyes as I gloated 😀

    • It was definitely a lot harder when Brock was little (& before Adrianna came along) because it’s basically just like cooking for 2 people (and half the time, Greg was out of town so it was me cooking for . . . myself)! But now that the kids are a little older and I can reason with them, it’s actually becoming more fun than a chore 😀

      Also? I told Greg last night, when Brock is a teenager and is eating us out of house & home, you will be grateful that you have a wife that likes to cook!

  2. Ask him if he would rather save money by you cooking or eat out and not have any money to pay off those bills!!
    You could come cook for your parents (just not tonight, your Dad has a meeting at 6!)
    Nan and Papa

    • Well, we both know what the answer would be to cooking vs. eating out. But you know how men can be 😀 I wouldn’t be totally opposed to bringing you some leftovers tonight after I pick up the kiddos . . .

  3. I would have told him to go shove it! Good for you and all the cooking. Although chicken nuggest sound good to me tonight!! We love cooking here but my husband probably does just as much if not more than I do and we take turns with the cleaning up (the person not cleaning has to do bath so sometimes we have to paper-rock-scissors to see who does what!).

    • I like the rock/paper/scissor thing. It would work for us except Greg’s work schedule is so unpredictable! Monday night he didn’t get home until 9:30 so if I would have waited for him to cook supper, I would have starved to death 😀

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