I have a house full of sickies

And I’m pretty sure I started it.

At the end of last week I wasn’t feeling the best but I was convinced that it was my allergies.  I took some OTC meds and went along in my merry little drug-induced haze.  By Saturday I was feeling better and was never more convinced that it was just allergy stuff.  The weather is changing, I wasn’t running a fever, yada yada yada.

Then on Sunday the kids started with the runny noses.  And the coughing.  Which, again, I attributed to allergies.  They both have them and I figured the coughing was due to all of the snot that was running down the back of their throats.  I’m a very dedicated snotty-nose wiper but there is only so much you can do.  I thought we were going to be okay.  We turned the humidifier on in the kids’ room, coated their chests with kid’s Vick’s (per Greg’s request), gave them Benadryl and tucked them in.  By 10:00 Sunday night, Brock was throwing up.  Not like stomach-flu throwing up.  He was throwing up because he had a stomach full of snot and his little tummy had had enough. 

He does that every now and then.  I’ve asked our pediatrician about it and he says it’s normal.  They won’t do allergy testing on kids until they are 5 (none that I’ve found anyway) so, for now, we are stuck with treating the symptoms which sucks.

But other than Sunday, Brock is fine.  He still has a runny nose but it’s that time of year and I don’t anticipate that to go away for a while.


Little miss princess started with the cough Monday.  It wasn’t too bad while she was awake.  Just a little one every now and then.  But when she falls asleep, it’s every 20-30 seconds.  We have done everything I can think of.

Humidifier?  Check.

Snoot sucker?  Check.

Shower steam?  Check.

Vick’s on chest?  Check.

I called the pediatrician yesterday and they said it sounds like it’s just a cold because she’s not running a fever, she’s still eating like a horse and drinking a ton.  She still has wet & dirty diapers like normal so they weren’t worried about her getting dehydrated.

But last night, things took a slight turn for the worse.

She started wheezing.

Some of you may remember that last year, Adrianna was diagnosed with RSV.  It’s not too terribly uncommon but can be devastating if left untreated.  We were lucky and caught it early enough last year that we were able to do nebulizer treatments at home and she didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital.  Last night I was sleeping with her on my chest and I could feel her working extra hard to breathe.  I could hear her wheezing.  So we busted out the nebulizer and gave her a treatment at midnight.

Last year, our pediatrician warned us that Adrianna is going to be much more prone to respiratory infections (and long-term respiratory diseases like asthma or chronic bronchitis later in life).  When I took the kids for their well-child exams in September, it was wayyyyyy to early for flu-shots but now she’s going to have to get one ASAP. 

I’ve got another call in to the pediatrician’s office this morning and I’m waiting to hear back to see if they want to see her.  I’m fairly confident that we can manage it at home, but since I’m not a pediatric nurse, I feel better having our doctor weigh-in.

Also?  I feel like a total asshole because I am the reason she got sick.  Even with washing my hands constantly and resisting all of the sweet, slobbery kisses, I still got her sick.  And I feel awful about it.

Here is where I need some help, readers.  Other than the things I talked about (nebulizer, Vick’s, humidifier, snoot sucker, shower steamer) what sorts of things have worked for you?  Since she is so little, we obviously can’t give her OTC cold medicine but she does take children’s Zyrtec (as recommended by her pediatrician) once/day.  We’ve also cut down her milk intake and upped her water/juice in an effort to thin out her secretions (bleh.  I really hate that word).


9 thoughts on “I have a house full of sickies

  1. Try lysol on everything that she comes in contact with (surfaces of course, not humans!), it claims to kill most germs. Poor baby, maybe she needs some snuggle time with Nan and Papa!
    Sounds like you have everything covered, the doctor always told me to reduce or cut out completely dairy when Shawna had allergy attacks.
    Praying for the little princess to feel better soon.
    Nan and Papa

  2. As strange as this may sound, the Amish swear by it. Rub Vicks on her feet (yes, I did say her feet) before bedtime and put socks on her. Suprisingly it has worked everytime for us. Hoep she feels better soon. Only other suggestion would be giving her foods that are higher in Vitamin C to help her fight it off.

  3. If you’re not using it already, I use saline nasal spray (the baby kind) to help break up the snots too. I suction right after I use it on him. It’s not a miracle cure the cold solution, but certainly helps a little.

    • I haven’t been brave enough to try that yet but it’s on my list for tonight. Normally she screams her bloody head off when I come near her with the snoot sucker so I can only imagine how pissed she will be after I squirt saline up her nose. But, hey. If it works, I’m willing to give it a shot.

      • Devon likes the saline better than the sucker. He usually sits still and opens his mouth really wide and leans his nose towards the spray….I don’t know why he opens his mouth, but that’s what he does to get ready for it haha. Such a weird kid hahaha. Anyway, good luck! I hate using the sucker cause he screams too and pushes me away and it’s usually a big fight to hopefully suck some boogers out. Good luck! I hope she feels better soon!

        • Maybe he thinks you are going to feed him?? Adrianna normally opens her mouth if she thinks she is going to get fed 😀

          I really hope she feels better soon, too! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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