Toddler Talk Thursday-Halloween edition

Welcome to the tenth week of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom talk all things Toddler!

Toddler Talk Thursday was created as a place for moms and dads of toddlers to come together over a weekly topic and share ideas, go-to toys, or products. It is a great way to meet other bloggers of toddlers. Each week the topic will be different; we invite you to link up, share your weekly Toddler Talk!!

Each week the hosts will travel around to each blog that links up, and pick an idea, story, or picture they think was a great example of that week’s topic. In order to qualify for this you need to blog about this week’s topic, and follow the hosts. Comments letting us know you are participating are always great too. If we choose your blog, we will link back to your post the following week.

This week’s topic is: Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I’ve always said that Halloween and Easter are the best times for candy and I love dressing up so it’s perfect for me my kids!  I even trick-or-treated until I was a sophomore in high school.

I was a spice girl.

Scary spice, actually.

I even spray painted (with hair-safe hair spray, obviously) my hair black and put it in dookie-balls (that’s what we called them, anyway).  I had a camo bra that I wore under one of my friends’ dad’s army fatigues.  We tromped all over our little town and while most of the adults turned us down, we did find a few suckers that were willing to give up the goods.

You remember, right Ashley?  Allison?  Ginger?  Jessica?  I know there are a few of you out there that read this (okay, fine.  Maybe only one.) but I know you have pictures and I want to see them!

Now our Halloweens are much more mild but much more candy-filled so it’s basically a draw.  Brock’s first Halloween, he was a pea-pod.  He was barely 2 months old and it was perfect!  Brock’s second Halloween he went as his favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo!

Last year, Adrianna went as a giraffe & Brock was a farmer (that wore a cowboy hat)

Where did all of his curls go?!

The shirt that Brock is wearing in this picture is actually a shirt that Greg wore when he was about Brock’s age!  Greg’s grandma made it for him and his mom saved it so we could have it one day!

 Cutest giraffe evah!

This year, our costumes will be coordinated (see item #75) and I’m so excited!  Brock is going to be Buzz Lightyear (obviously), Adrianna is going to be an alien (she already has her one line of ohhhhhhhhhhh down pat!), Greg is going to be Cowboy Woody and I’m going to be Jesse (the cowgirl).  Greg’s is the last costume that I have to buy and he is less than thrilled about dressing up as a cowboy.  But he will get over it once he sees his little boy’s face light up.

I’m really not sure who is more excited this year: Brock or momma!

Probably me.  But I’m mostly excited about the buckets of candy I’m going to eat.


8 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Thursday-Halloween edition

  1. I can’t wait to see Buzz and Alien at my house!! Why does Halloween have to be at the end of the month. It is going to seem like forever. Maybe I should tell Papa Jimbo he has to choose a character to dress up as! Better than your sister’s outfit!
    Oh sweetness, need to buy goodies for the kiddos. How much sugar can they eat in one evening!
    Oh, and I will have peach juice for them to drink.
    Nan and Papa

  2. That was a LONG time ago!!! Your hair was actually hilarious, although I think you went through some pain to get just perfect…

    I might have some photos…I might need to photoshop myself out of them…

  3. Ya’ll stole our costume idea hahha! Except Marcus Andrew is going to be Woody. 🙂 Gotta figure out something, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to have to work on Halloween and won’t even get to see him dressed up… working sucks.

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