Weight-loss Thursday

This week, I lost  2.4 pounds, which brings my grand total to: -20.1 pounds!  Woot woot!

You guys?  I’ve lost a toddler.  I’m going to have to buy new Spanx because my old ones are too big.  Last weekend I had to buy new underwear because my old ones (that I had just bought a few months ago) kept falling down.  At work.  Those puppies are being packed away with my maternity/post-baby-but-not-quite-small-enough-for-regular-clothes-yet clothes!  Wa-hoo!!!!

And for your viewing pleasure, my computer decided that it didn’t hate me quite as much as normal so I can download the graph that I’ve been keeping track of my weight loss on:

Do you see the lovely downward trend?  How beautiful is that?
Also?  I am ::thisclose:: to my next goal!  Just over one pound to go!  Since I’m all about making it easy on you guys keeping track of my progress, I’ve also posted my original goals below so you can see!  How cool am I?

Very cool. 

Very cool is the correct answer.

  • Goal #1: 13.5 lbs (Baby weight from Adrianna)
  • Goal #2: 8 lbs (Baby weight from Brock)(total weight loss of 21.5 lbs)
  • Goal #3: 12 lbs (Martial bliss weight)(total weight loss of 33.5 lbs)
  • Goal #4: 10 lbs (I’m-in-college-and-I’ll-eat-whatever-I-want weight)(total weight loss of 43.5 lbs)
  • In other weight loss news, I’ve been thinking about doing something.

    Something that will be my next mini-goal reward.

    Something that has been needing to be done anyway but I feel like it would coincide nicely with my next mini-goal.

    I think it’s time to get my wedding ring re-sized.

    It’s been getting more & more lose over the last few weeks but this week it has almost fallen off a few times and last night, I could even fit it on my middle finger, which is roughly the size of a large sausage link.  I think I will only go down a little bit (a half-size or less) because when I get hot (especially in the summer), I retain water in my hands and I swell.  Bad.  So badly that, on our honeymoon, I couldn’t even get my wedding ring off for several days.

    It was either going to be that or do a spa day but Greg got all “dad” on me and said that since we are trying to pay down some debt (just 2.5 months until his truck is paid off!), maybe I shouldn’t do frivolous things like spend a few hundred dollars on a spa package.

    And I’m all, “Do you know the things I’ve sacrificed?!  All of the delicious food that I had to turn down in order to get this far?!”

    And he’s like, “Too bad.  You’re the one that wanted to save and pay off some debt.  You made your bed.  Lay in it.”

    And I’m like, “See?  I do everything around here!”

    And he’s like, “Uh . . . ”

    And I’m like, “You just said, ‘You made your bed.’  I cook, I clean, I deserve this!”

    And he’s like, “It was a metaphor.  You never make the bed.”

    And you know what?  He’s right.  I never make the bed.  I guess I will put off the spa day for my next mini-goal.

    Touché, Mr. Stemme.  Touché.


    18 thoughts on “Weight-loss Thursday

    1. Keep up the work! Maybe running around chasing the babies are one of the exercises you preform daily! If you loose 43 lbs, what percentage of your original body weight would that be. That could be another way for you to track weight loss. It always amazes me when people say they have lost a person ( 100+ lbs)!
      Remember Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, stay strong and stay away from Grandma Liz’ homemade caramels.
      Nan and Papa

      • If I lose 43 pounds, that will be around 20% of my original weight! Wow. I never even thought to figure that out!

        Those caramels are my weakness. I might have to have a by-week and go out to her house and eat until I throw up 😀

    2. This post has way too much information that your co-workers shouldn’t know about — Last weekend I had to buy new underwear because my old ones (that I had just bought a few months ago) kept falling down. At work. — i fear what else will fall down… And Greg, I agree doing frivolous things is a waste and could be used for paying down debt, but Jess wouldn’t agree with me!

      • Just a few things about this:
        1. I had to retrieve this comment from my spam folder. Apparently wordpress things you are a spam-bot. Ha!
        2. I told Clay several times about my underwear and he had the same fears as you.
        3. Don’t side with Greg. You are supposed to be my friend. Remember?

    3. great job Tara I now going to the Y mabey I will lose my weight with some exercise to wish me luck you keep up all the good work

    4. You tell Mr. Stemme that it’s “You made your bed, now LIE in it.” He should at least scold you in proper grammar, right? I think you totally deserve a spa package…or a maid…or a personal chef for the week…or a personal trainer.

      All this talk about the holidays coming is making me so excited to be a big fat glutton, and I don’t care who knows it!!! I may have to break into grandma’s house for her homemade caramels. Turkey, stuffing, pecan pie…ahhh I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to go eat some strawberries and mope.

      • I will be sure to tell him. The only reason I didn’t correct him was because I figured it wouldn’t bode well for me when I was whining about wanting a massage. And a mani/pedi. And a hair cut/color. I should have done it anyway because obviously I didn’t get what I wanted out of him.

        I will smuggle you some caramels so you can keep B&E off of your criminal record. You might want to run for public office one day and these things are important to think about.

        You’re welcome.

    5. Did you tell Greg that by eating healthier, and doing AFM you are actually saving the family money to pay down those debts, and that now you can finally afford the spa package you’ve always dreamed of? All because you changed the family eating habits….the weight loss was just a side effect hehe. See if that story will work 😀 Or maybe once the car is paid off he’ll have no excuse but to let you go. Cause you know, you’re so stressed and because of it you’re losing all this weight and really need to relax by going to the spa.

    6. Tara!! Great Job!!!! Keep it up. And spa days are NOT frivolous…they are much needed relaxation for a woman who does everything. Who makes their bed anymore anyway… (I don’t do that either…shhhh).

      But I like the ring re-size idea…practical! 🙂 You’re almort there girl!

      • See?! I think I’m going to have to show him all of his opposition in the form of blog comments 😀

        You are doing amazing as well! So proud of us 😉

        P.S. I don’t make my bed every day.

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